After a strenuous week of studying, partying, and surviving the boulevards, the last thing SMU students want to do is go out to eat. Our dorms end up becoming as comfortable as a 5-star hotel and the thought of leaving to get a nice dinner is ending our stay at the SMU country club.

Ultimately we find ourselves scrolling through numerous reviews to find the perfect place to satisfy our tummies and  help us survive our long weeks and late nights. So we’ve rounded up SMU students and found out the best places to curb our cravings for when we just don’t really feel like going out to eat at a sit down restaurant.

1. Greenville Avenue Pizza Co. (or GAP Co. as the cool kids say)

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Everybody’s favorite late night snack is the cult classic pizza from Greenville Ave. Pizza Co. A step up from your average late night pizza order, GAP Co. offers a variety of specialty pizzas that are absolutely delicious. You can’t go wrong with the classic 5 Cheese, or you can spice it up with a Mexican Pizza topped off with hamburger, peppers, cilantro, onions, and cheese.

Late night #SpoonTip: They deliver until 3 am so it’s best to order your pizza ahead of time so it’ll be at your dorm by the time you stumble back from your favorite bar or party.

2. Velvet Taco


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If it’s extremely late and you’re feeling adventurous, you can head down the 75 and get your taco fix at Velvet Taco. Open until 4 am on the weekends, it’s the classic spot after a late night of drinking. An Ahi Poke Taco will transport you straight to the California Coast while a Texas Burger Taco will keep you here in Dallas and combines the two greatest things in the world: tacos and hamburgers. You can’t leave Velvet Taco without getting the hidden little gem of the menu: the roasted potatoes teeming with lemon, garlic, crema, and parsley.

3. Bangkok City

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If you’re feeling a little oriental and want to be taken straight to Thailand without leaving your 5 star dorm bed, then Bangkok City has the food for you. Their classic fried rice is an SMU favorite but if you want to mix it up a bit, go for their spicy fried rice which includes a myriad of spices and peppers. Not feeling like rice? Go for the pad thai… seriously just order the pad thai.

4. Penne Pomodoro


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If you’re craving Italian food and pizza isn’t going to cut it for you, you can’t go wrong with some fresh pasta. You can create your own pasta by choosing from a plethora of noodles, sauces, meats, and vegetables to add to your dish. You can’t go wrong with the classic penne pomodoro (duh) or one of their specials like the pumpkin ravioli. If you happen to be awake on a Sunday morning and actually feel like moving out of the comfort of your dorm bed, they also offer a delicious brunch with dollar mimosas and bellinis.

5. Jimmy John’s

Not only can Jimmy John’s make you a fresh sub, but they even deliver to the residential commons of choice. There is no shame in ordering a sandwich at 3 am after a night of studying… or not studying. At Jimmy John’s feel free to indulge with a classic roast beef sandwich or a BLT, but if you’re feeling courageous (whether or not due to liquid courage) you could try one of their giant club sandwiches like the country club (how SMU).

6. Dickey’s Barbecue Pit 

Last but not least, you can’t be going to school in Texas and not crave barbecue after a long week of studying. If the thought of a freshly smoked brisket or a perfectly sweet yet spicy barbecue sauce makes you go insane, then Dickey’s BBQ is the place for you. Obviously the brisket is the dish to order but if you want to be a tad healthier (hell it’s barbecue why would anyone want to be healthy) then try the chicken breast. No barbecue meal is complete without sides and Dickey’s stands above the rest with their mac and cheese, potato salad, jalapeño beans, and waffle iron fries.

7. Dive Coastal Cuisine


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Sometimes after a long weekend of drinking and eating fried foods you feel like a fresh salad or some fish. Coming from California, one of the main things I’ve missed is the fresh seafood but Dive takes me right back to the coast. An SMU favorite is the ahi tuna wrap bursting with cucumbers, avocado, ginger slaw, coconut rice, and of course ahi tuna. If a salad sounds swimmingly, the grilled kale salad is a must have (I know more kale).