To make sure your Dallas summer is filled with fun, flavor, and alcohol, we’ve found four of the best (and some of the strongest) sangria mixtures around.

The Mambo Taxi at Mi Cocina


Photo courtesy of Mi Cocina

This original drink is served at the popular Mexican restaurant, Mi Cocina, “Mi-Co” for short. A cross between a margarita and sangria the Mambo Taxi contains: tequila, lime juice, Mi Co’s own Pinot Noir Sangria, Brandy, a variation of fruit juices, and some inevitably bad decisions.

The drink is so powerful that the restaurant chain has restricted the number of Mambo Taxis a single person can have. Three’s the limit, but if you don’t intend to dance on the tables of Avenu with middle-aged men you might want to stick with two.

Skittles Sangria at The Common Table


Photo courtesy of

This drink gives a whole new meaning to “taste the rainbow.” It’s true: your childhood vice, candy, has been combined with your college vice, alcohol. The result is a sugary blend that will give you flashbacks to your playground days.

Choose between their white or their red sangria. The candies not only swirl into the white sangria, but they leave you with a sweet sensation even after you’re done sipping (or gulping, no judgment). The bitterness of the red wine sangria is balanced out by the Skittles resulting in a tangy blend.

Screw chocolate wasted, get Skittles wasted.

The Sangrita at The Rustic


Photo courtesy of The Rustic

Like the Mambo Taxi this drink from The Rustic part frozen margarita, part sangria. Don’t let the name or the vibrant colors trick you into thinking it’s a glorified smoothie. This drink packs a (tequila) punch. The Sangrita stays true to the idea that “everything’s bigger in Texas” since its served in a goblet rather than a glass.

If a bucket size combo of frozen tequila and wine doesn’t draw you in the popsicle will. Each Sangrita includes an Social Ice “wine pop” to add that extra pizazz you didn’t know you wanted. Don’t freak out when you don’t see it on the menu, just ask the bartender “one of those cool drinks with the popsicle” and await your goblet.

Red Sangria at Sangria Mediterranean Tapas and Bar


Photo courtesy of Sangria Mediterranean Tapas and Bar

There’s nothing like the classics. Although there isn’t candy or tequila in this mix, it is without a doubt one of the best sangrias in Dallas. After all, the name of the restaurant is “Sangria”. The mix is made of brandy, red wine, citrus, apples, and pears. It’s so good you’ll know why everyone orders it by the pitcher instead of the glass.

Sangria’s Restaurant has created the sangria to which all others should be compared.