Valentine’s Day, while wonderfully romantic in theory, can be a bit of a stressor for young couples on a budget. There’s always the question of gifts, how much to spend, and the hotly debated topic of where to go for your night out on the town. For all you strict budgeters out there, the Carmel Dairy Queen might be the answer to your problems.

Dairy Queen


Known for their fancy Valentine’s dinners, this DQ goes all out to make couples feel the love. Guests are given a limo ride around Carmel and have the opportunity to get their photo taken. At the restaurant, a red carpet awaits the limo-goers. Inside, the tables are draped with table cloths and candles. And if this isn’t already enticing enough for you, the staff members are your waiters for the evening and are dressed to the nines.

Dairy Queen


The best part of this night is that it’s free (except for the food you purchase). This year, their special dessert is a red velvet cake blizzard, which looks phenomenal (I’ll probably buy myself one. After all, I deserve to treat myself, right?).

This is the first DQ in the area to put on a romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner, but a few others in the area have recently followed suit. Needless to say, I wish I was in the Carmel area because this would be the perfect way to celebrate without breaking the bank.

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