We’ve all been there, struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle, having that one friend on a diet who refuses to get a late night treat with you, or the times when you buy a pint of low-calorie ice cream at the grocery store to eventually contemplate if you are eating ice cream or protein power... but I’m not naming any names. Taste the pure goodness of creamy delicious soft-serve at D’Lites in Gainesville, Florida without any indication of its low-calorie, low-sugar, and gluten-free benefits.

How does it work?!

Leilani Barber

Yes, low-cal soft-serve does exist, and it's even tastier than your typical sugar-filled, high-calorie favorites. Choose from a variety of menu selections from a cup or sprinkled cone to a drink, like a milkshake or blender.

Then, garnish your creation with one of the many toppings available — Butterfinger, sugar-free chocolate almonds, gummy bears, and PB2, to name a few. The true “cherry on top” is that you can choose three whole scoops of whatever toppings your heart desires.

Let's break it down

Leilani Barber

I usually keep my distance from anything related to math, but I can’t help myself with D’Lites nutrition facts. A small cup of this heavenly treat is a mere 100 calories, a medium is 150 calories, and a large is 200 calories.

The majority of other diet-friendly ice creams are made with artificial sweeteners and preservatives to trick you and your sweet tooth into thinking they are the healthier alternatives.

At D’Lites you only get the real stuff: soft-serve with no artificial sweeteners that is gluten-free and made of skim milk. In this case, I’ll take a large please.

The oh-so-good flavors

Leilani Barber

Just when you thought ice cream couldn’t get more exciting than being absolutely delicious and low in calories, D’Lites throws in another shocker. The soft-serve flavors at D’Lites are rotated from 160 flavor choices each day, so you never know what surprise you’re in for until you check the daily flavors on their Facebook page or website.

Find yourself hooked on one flavor that isn’t served as often as you crave it? Pick up a tub of your own fan favorite to put in the freezer at home, or perhaps eat it on the way there if you’re like me.

With Fall season in full swing, we are all thinking the same thing: pumpkin everything. Stay tuned for D’Lites seasonal flavors, I have a feeling they will be extra amazing, considering pumpkin cupcake was on the menu last year.

Deals, deals, deals

Leilani Barber

D'lites keeps everything tailored to its target audience: broke, hungry college students who aren't trying to pack on the pounds. Fear not — this 'scream shop offers daily deals to help us out! So here are some promotions that give you an excuse to buy ice cream any day of the week:

Monday: $1 off any blender

Tuesday: Double punch day (get a free ice cream after six punches)

Wednesday: Buy 2 get 1 free

Thursday: $1 off any shake

Friday: $2 off pre-made cakes

Saturday: Kids' cone with sprinkles for $1.79

Sunday: Buy 6 get 2 free

Forget diet-friendly ice cream being a healthy “alternative,” this delicious soft-serve will be your number one choice when it comes to ice cream. It doesn't have to be cheat day to treat yourself at D'Lites!