I love going to school in San Diego. Not just for the perfect weather or the nearby beaches, but also for the delicious juice bars, cafes, and bakeries were I can grab my favorite meal, brekky. It's a perfect place for food-lovers to try tons of new things and take some artsy pictures.

One of my favorite things to do on Fridays is to go somewhere new and grab something to eat for breakfast. I've tried several places over the semester and I've narrowed it down to my top five. If you also live in SD, I highly recommend you try some of these places. 

Rum Jungle Cafe

If you're feeling healthy, this is the place to go. It has great smoothies, acai, and pitaya bowls. I'd say they're most famous for their acai bowl made out of half of a pineapple. It's super awesome and very delicious. 

Emily Rembecki

Rum Jungle is down by Mission Beach, about 20 minutes away from campus but it's definitely worth the drive. Not only did I try out that delicious pineapple acai bowl, I also got myself an acai smoothie (I'm a little acai crazy). Both were soooooo delicious, and I felt pretty good about myself for actually eating healthy for once. 

Donut Bar

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Emily Rembecki

Donut Bar is located in downtown San Diego. It's a little bit farther from school, but clearly that won't stop me from stuffing my face with these delicious treats. This place is actually famous for their creative and elaborate donut creations. They're also always changing up their selection with new combinations so you'll never get bored. 

cream, cookie, chocolate
Hannah Sierpina

They have a very diverse assortment of donuts including a giant Mud Pie donut (top row, middle), a Nutella donut (top right), and a Red Velvet donut (bottom right), just to name a few. All of them equally delicious and very filling. Definitely put me in a good mood before class. 

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Avrial Barreto

If you need a little more inspiration to head to Donut Bar, just follow their instagram, @donutbar. They are constantly posting their new creations as well as mouth-watering pictures and videos of their delicious donuts. 

The Mad Beet

When it comes to acai, everybody seems to have a different favorite place. Anyone who has ever been to the Mad Beet can agree that its pretty dang good. It's definitely my favorite place. It's pretty close to the pier down in Pacific Beach, so I like to grab a bowl and head down to the pier. It's the best way to have a fresh and relaxing start to my day. 

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Emily Rembecki

Its punny name, "The Mad Beet" explains why all the options on the menu are named after bands and musicians. My favorite is definitely the Beyoncai bowl, which is topped with bananas, strawberries, granola AND peanut butter. Love it!

berry, sweet, strawberry
Emily Rembecki

In addition to the acai and pitaya bowls, this place also has juices, smoothies, and wraps. It's a super healthy way to get your day started. 

Communal Coffee

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Avrial Barreto

This is by far the most insta-worthy cafe I've ever been to. Cutest place ever. The food does't disappoint either. This is where I tried my first chai latte and my first avocado toast (Yes, it took me 18 years to discover avocado toast. Don't judge.)

bread, toast, avocado
Avrial Barreto

This place was my favorite brekky place because of the food, the colorful atmosphere, and the great places to get some good pics for the vsco/insta.

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Avrial Barreto

Better Buzz

I know, its very basic, but I'm from Missouri so I spent 18 years without this luxury, and now I'm obsessed with it. You can never go wrong with Better Buzz. I usually stick with my OG acai bowl when I go, but they have plenty of options including avocado toast and sandwiches if you want something more hearty. Their specialty is obviously coffee though, which is amazing.

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Emily Rembecki

They're located all over San Diego, but the one closest to me is on Mission Bvld. It's a great place to grab a quick snack, a latte, and get some homework done before class. 

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Emily Rembecki

These places are just a few of many in San Diego to grab a cute breakfast to get your day started. Every day is worth celebrating and treating yourself to some delicious food. Always be adventurous and be willing to explore on your own. Long Live Brekky.