Only a fifteen minute walk from the Tufts gym (or a 5 minute Uber ride), you’ll never know what you were missing until you make the trek to this underrated food destination. Here’s a shortlist of my favorite places to grab a bite in Medford Square.

Tenóch Mexican


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Yes, we know the much-loved Boston food truck just opened a storefront in Davis Square, but the Medford location is its original brick-and-mortar operation. Ténoch uses authentic, interesting, and fresh ingredients that show in the food’s quality. The tortas, tacos (get the Al Pastor), and tamales are to die for, but you really can’t go wrong.

Mystic Coffee Roasters


Photo by Erica Schwartz

Here’s something different if you’re looking for a change from Danish Pastry House or Diesel. Mystic roasts its beans in-house, and serves high quality pastries. The unpretentious, laid-back vibe is refreshing along with a strong cold brew or espresso.

Nijiya Sushi


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Listen carefully. All. You. Can. Eat. Sushi. For $21.99. This is truly one of the best deals in the area, and the sushi is fresh, delicious, and well-prepared. If you want to eat sushi for days, definitely check out Nijiya.

The Chicken and Rice Guys


Photo courtesy of by Haw Yu

Yes, C&R Guys have a storefront in Medford Square. If you’re craving your favorite street food but don’t want to chase after a food truck, this is the place to be. Quality ingredients mean impeccably-made staples (see the name for a hint of what to expect on the menu) that won’t disappoint.

Donuts With a Difference


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What better to go with your Mystic cold brew than a hot, fresh donut? At $10 a dozen, there’s really no reason not to fill up a box with Boston Cream, honey dipped, and maple-glazed confections.

Modern Pastry


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Toto, we’re not in the North End anymore! This is the best Boston dining hack there is. Your favorite Italian pastry shop (unless you prefer Mike’s) recently opened a storefront in good ol’ Medford, which means you get your cannoli, cakes and cookies a little bit closer to Tufts…and without standing in those crazy lines.