The lines at Taiyaki NYC have been never-ending since their grand opening earlier in 2016. Indeed, their signature taiyaki—a Japanese-style, fish-shaped pastry that serves as a cone, topped with dreamy swirls of soft serve—has been featured on numerous publications, and, of course, all over Instagram. But, it turns out, Taiyaki NYC could not be stopped. Two weeks ago, it introduced the "croyaki".

cookie, chocolate, sweet
Weichen Yan

Yep, that's a hybrid between a croissant and the taiyaki pastry. When you bite into it, the pastry shatters in your mouth and out comes the sweet surprise of red bean paste or custard filling - your choice.

cake, cookie, chocolate, tea
Weichen Yan

And here's some good news: recent studies claim that eating ice cream for breakfast might improve mental performance. In the mood for a morning croyaki yet, anybody?

cake, cookie, chocolate
Weichen Yan

If you're going there for dessert, don't forget to get a Christmas tree taiyaki special to share with a friend, or eat both yourself, because 'tis the season to eat, drink and be merry!