While Belgium waffles, stuffed french toast, and of course, classic buttermilk pancakes have dominated the dessert-for-breakfast scene for as long as we can remember, Crispy Crepes Café recently reopened to remind us not to discount one of our all-time favorites: crepes.

Though the crepe hype is completely justified, this café also offers a huge variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options, including pancakes, omelets, grilled paninis, falafel pitas and all sorts of kebabs. The café closed its South Campus location last year, and made the move right next to Warren Towers.

You could actually spend all day here and have appropriate meals for each time of the day. Of course, the crepes are the pride and joy of Comm Ave’s newest café.

Though the café is fairly small, the cozy vibe entices customers to stay. Bright red walls, oversized Nutella jars and countless glowing restaurant reviews decorate the place and create an inviting vibe. With just a few tables and bar seats, it serves as a comfortable Sunday brunch spot, where anyone can enjoy a cup of coffee and enjoy the bustling activity outside.


Photo by Elise Takahama

I went for the classic Nutella, strawberry and banana combination, while my friends ordered savory options – one was a pesto, chicken, buffalo mozzarella, Roma tomatoes, sundried tomatoes and spinach crepe and the other was stuffed with egg, tomato, mushroom and spinach.

My crepe, topped with powdered sugar and whipped cream, met all your dessert expectations. The crispy edges balanced out the thick, soft middles, meeting in a blend of melted chocolate and fresh fruit.


Photo by Elise Takahama

The savory crepes satisfied a different taste bud, serving as a light, but pleasing lunch option. Yeah, crepes are generally associated with chocolate and berries, but Crispy Crepes proves that a spinach and mushroom crepe can also make your mouth water.


The prices are also unbelievably reasonable, with the majority of the crepes priced between four and seven dollars. So even though we’d all have a tough time denying the super brunch of four pancakes, five sausages and an omelet, let’s be real – we’re college students. Thankfully, this cutesy café makes sure we’re not sacrificing anything.

With Insomnia Cookies, Pavement Coffeehouse, Nud Pob and now Crispy Crepes, Boston University’s little East Campus strip of Comm Ave is thriving in a bubble of freshly baked goods and brunch love for everyone to enjoy.