The idea of settling down in a coffee shop for a few hours to crank out homework is a great idea, but too often the shop is crowded, noisy, and the coffee is less than wonderful. TCU alum Riley Kiltz and the friendly team at Forth Worth's Craftwork Coffee Co. are working hard to change that for the Fort Worth community.

Craftwork Coffee Co. is no ordinary coffee shop, but rather a café and business center in one. Individuals and groups have the opportunity to rent out study spaces while sipping on some incredible coffee drinks.

coffee, tea
Kelsey Emery

There is a saying in Latin "inter pocula," which means in-between cups. It suggest much more than physical distance, however. The saying refers to the relationships that develop when individuals come together over a drink such as coffee.

Immediately upon entering Craftwork Coffee Co. it is evident that the space was designed for such community and collaboration. 

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Kelsey Emery

The goal of the Craftwork Coffee Co. work space coffee shop combo is relationship. Co-owner Collin Sansom explained the space is meant to encourage interactions with like-minded individuals who you might not otherwise encounter. 

This provides a unique opportunity to share skills and information and network outside your normal circle.

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Kelsey Emery

In order to sustain the brainpower generated in the study spaces, Craftwork Coffee Co. has brewed some seemingly simple, yet delicious drinks. 

Among TCU students, the vanilla late is most popular. Besides their everyday drink menu, Craftwork features seasonal specialty drinks like an espresso julep that draws in crowds. Craftwork Coffee Co. also cooks up treats like pastries, quiche, and granola to sustain customers.

coffee, beer, wine, pizza
Kelsey Emery
Wait, it gets better. Craftwork Coffee Co. observes Go Purple Friday. Which means everyone wearing purple on any Friday will receive a free drip coffee. What are you waiting for? Take a step into Fort Worth's friendliest coffee shop today.
beer, coffee, tea
Kelsey Emery
Whether you are looking for a place to plant and study for the day, or are stopping by for a quick cup, Craftwork Coffee Co. should be next on your list to visit.  Trust me, you will be hooked.