Whether it is Taco Tuesday, or you are just in need of some guac in your life, a taco is never the wrong answer.  As a die-hard taco fan, I was beyond excited to try Winston-Salem's newest taco joint, Crafted: The Art of the Taco

The Restaurant

lettuce, tacos
Kristine Harvey

I can fully appreciate a restaurant that is dedicated to perfecting "the art of the taco", the slogan that Crafted lives by. This is Crafted's second location (the first is in nearby Greensboro), and the lively restaurant seems to be constantly buzzing with people. 

When you first enter Crafted you will notice the carefree and casual atmosphere. Their communal eating arrangements combined with colorful decorations make it the perfect place to enjoy some tacos with old and new friends alike. 

The Menu

Crafted states clearly that they "are not a Mexican restaurant, we are a taco joint." Those looking for traditional Mexican fare will not find what they are looking for here. Instead, the menu lives up to their claim, with diverse and inventive dishes that span well beyond the traditional Mexican taco. I was surprised to find they also serve an array of burgers, including vegan burgers and burgers topped with apple, onion, and goat cheese. Even the pickiest of eaters are likely to find a dish that suits them.

The Appetizers

chili, guacamole, vegetable, tortilla chips, sauce, nachos, salsa, corn
Regan Wagner

Obviously tacos are the specialty here at Crafted, but do not overlook the appetizers. We ordered the chips with guac, salsa, and queso. Warning: these chips are crack, and you will not stop eating them. Instead of the classic corn tortilla chips, they  fry up flour tortillas, making puffy, decadent chips that go amazingly with the dips offered. 

Other customer favorites include the avocado stuffed with chorizo, queso, and pico de gallo, and the Dirty South Nachos, a massive plate of sweet potato chips piled high with pulled pork and chipotle aioli. 

The Tacos

lime, potato, avocado, cilantro, sweet, salsa, sweet potato, tacos
Kristine Harvey

Now on to the most important part, the tacos. With 12 very different tacos, I struggled to narrow down my order. You have a choice of two tacos, flour or corn tortillas, with a side dish.

I tried the Baja style tacos, which is closest to a classic taco with cilantro, guacamole, Baja sauce, pico de gallo, and your choice of protein. I also ordered the Hoodie taco, a unique falafel taco for all you vegetarians out there. Crafted offers many sides, but I went with a side of sweet potato chips.

Both tacos did not disappoint, the falafel one being my favorite of the two. I also managed to sneak in a few bites of my friends Po' boy taco, with cajun fried shrimp, pico de gallo, and a cajun remoulade. 

All in all, would I recommend? 100% yes. Crafted is a great addition to the hip foodie scene here in Winston-Salem. I am a firm believer that everyone needs a little tacos in their life, and Crafted will definitely be on my restaurant rotation.