Coolhaus ice cream flavours took the internet by storm in 2009, when it debuted at Coachella Valley Music Festival in an old postal van. Co-founders Natasha Case and Freya Estreller drew their inspiration from "farchitecture" (food + architecture), which is where the name Coolhaus comes from:

      - Bauhaus is a modernist design movement,

      - Rem Koolhaas was a famous architect, and

      - Cool house refers to the shape of ice cream sandwiches.

Kelly Costa

Where can you find it?

Not only are the origins of the company filled with wittiness and intellect but also the strong and independent women that began it. Case, the CEO, has grown Coolhaus to have the strong following it has today as well as its 3 store locations (2 in Los Angeles and 1 in Dallas), distribution to over 6000 grocery stores and 10 ice cream trucks. If you don't feel like leaving your home, you can even order some of the ice cream flavours online! 


Mouth-watering flavours ranging from Milkshakes and Fries to Buttered French Toast continue to astound us. The inspiration to pair sweet and savoury flavours together really shines through the ice cream.

Among the flavours we have tried, Streetcar Churro Dough really takes the cake. It solves the age-long dilemma of whether to get churro or to satisfy the craving for ice cream. Some of our other favourites include Farmer’s Market Strawberry Cheesecake and Midnight Munchies. What makes Coolhaus different is its ability to merge 2 food items that you wouldn't conventionally associate with each other.  

All these exotic flavours like Milkshake and Fries may be too scary for you. Therefore, for all of the classic-lovers, Coolhaus is releasing the Chocolate Love and Best of Both Worlds ice-cream flavours soon.

If you prefer some cookies with your ice cream, Coolhaus ice cream "sammies" are out of this world. They add another layer of flavour to the already creative ice cream. A must try flavour is the Gimme Smores sandwich, which is our favourite. It is a great combination of dessert and nostalgia. 

Kelly Costa

Coolhaus has reinvented one of the most classic desserts by combining it with flavours that we love. Trying all their flavours is a really fun way to spend time with friends and family. It can be a great sleepover activity or a Saturday night-in treat. You'll never know, you might find your new favourite flavour.