Considerit Chocolate sits neatly on the southeast corner of the Meadows, facing Summerhall. Its location is just a short walk  south from the Edinburgh University Library and George Square, making it an ideal study-break spot for UofE students.

Being a young business (at the time of writing, under a month old), Considerit seems eager to carve out a place for itself amongst the other cafés in area.

Its unique selling point is artisan yet affordable vegan doughnuts, along with indulgent chocolate truffles. 

Some of our team at Spoon University Edinburgh ventured down to Considerit to see if its really as good as it looks.    

Matt Volpe

Phoebe Baker

Spoilt for choice between honey comb and white chocolate, oreo, mulled wine and other tempting flavours, I chose the gutsiest looking doughnut - chocolate, cardamom and orange, with a dark chocolate ganache filling.

In terms of flavour, I thought this trio went very well together, all three were noticeable and nothing dominated. However, I felt like the doughnut itself was a little tough - maybe due to the vegan nature of it and the necessary ingredient substitutions.

In terms of portion size, this was a meal in itself - gutsy and very filling, I thought I might have to be rolled out of the shop by the time I'd finished.

All in all, I thought the doughnuts here were pretty good, especially considering they can boast a vegan title, although I prefer a more rounded and yeasty doughnut myself.

Alexandra Clark

Matt Volpe

On first impression, Considerit appeared a minimalist, nouveau bakery, with a square glass counter and exposed plywood. This young business is still carving out its own brand, and feels like a fresh start-up company beginning to find its feet.

However, what it seemingly lacked in aesthetics, it made up for in culinary bravery. Their unique flavour combinations set this bakery apart from the sea of other confectioners dotted about Edinburgh.

Their mulled wine & cranberry doughnuts were gently spiced with a juicy edge, and paired excellently with their black coffee. The distinctive, warm flavours of mulled wine shone through without being overpowered by the tart cranberries.

I also sampled their caramel shortbread doughnut, which was an interesting take on the well-known biscuit. Sprinklings of shortbread over sugar icing and caramel drizzle made for a successfully sweet re-imagining of the two classic desserts.

Thankfully their downsides were few: I found the dough itself unusually dense, however this may be down to my unfamiliarity with vegan baking. Also, I thought the shop itself felt unfinished, bordering on slapdash.

Overall, I was more than pleased by Considerit's selection of sweet temptations, and would definitely stop by again. 

Phoebe Baker

Alexandra Clark

All the chocolates looked so delicious it was impossible to decide so I made the obvious choice and tried all of them.

The salted caramel chocolate was by far the best one because it had the perfect ratio of chocolate to filling. The Talisker single malt truffle was also luxuriously tasty, the whisky flavour was just right, as it was strong but you could still taste the sweet chocolate.

What I liked the most about all the chocolates was that they were so rich you didn’t need more than a bite to be satisfied. Each chocolate was decorated beautifully which also added to the appeal.

Along with this I had a hot chocolate, this was tasty but I was disappointed to see they only offered two kinds of dairy-free milk. For a place that is vegan it seems surprising that they would not have more options.

Matt Volpe

All photos edited by our very own leader of the photography team, Keris Heading