After seeing Adam Richmond on Man Versues Food review ice cream, you have to wonder if it's really that good. Too many of the famous, Insta-worthy foods I've tried are disappointing. With all the hype, I'm almost always let down. I am then left with food that I waited a ridiculous amount of time in line for, and a sad, let down stomach.

After seeing countless articles on BuzzFeed, Wall Street Journal, and, of course, pictures galore on my Instagram of The Comfy Cow's Ice Cream, I was desparate to try some. Every flavor the company had sounded better than the next.

Unfortanutely, because I don't live in Tennessee, Indiana, or Kentucky, I wasn't able to go to a store-front to try out some of their homemade ice cream. However, the generous company sent me some of their most popular flavors to try. And let me tell you, I was anything but disappointed.

Bourbon Ball

tea, beer, coffee, cake
Marisa Palace

Description: If you like booze and ice cream, here is your holy grail ice cream. The bourbon base features chunks of dark chocolate bourbon balls sure to make your heart sing out and rejoice.

Spoons: 8.5/10

Cake "Batter Up"

Marisa Palace

Description: This flavor is exactly what you'd hope for. It's a traditional vanilla flavor, except Comfy Cow takes it a step further. They fold in big chunks of crispy birthday cake that adds the most amazing texture and flavor.

Spoons: 9/10

Mint Chocolate Chippy

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Marisa Palace

Description: Mint chocolate is a classic ice cream flavor that always seems to be the same: artificially colored green ice cream with tiny flecks of chocolate. However, Comfy Cow's version is minty white with huge pieces of chocolate scattered throughout the whole pint. Yes, it's as good as it sounds.

Spoons: 9/10

Brown Butter Peanut Brittle

coffee, chocolate, cake, milk
Marisa Palace

Description: Although we expected a larger peanut butter flavor, Brown Butter Peanut Brittle did live up to its name. The brown butter base tasted exactly as advertised, and there were small pieces of brittle throughout the pint. If you're looking for a peanut butter flavor, I recommend going with Comfy Cow's Cow Trax.

Spoons: 7/10

Chocolate Squared

chocolate, coffee, candy, sweet, milk
Marisa Palace

Description: If you're a devout chocolate lover, this one is for you. Comfy Cow's rich chocolate base is loaded with dark and white chocolate chips along with their homemade brownies. It's chocolate on chocolate on chocolate on chocolate (and yes, if you counted right, that's a whopping four chocolates). The more chocolate, the better, so of course it is just as delicious as it is extra.

Spoons: 8/10

Banana Puddin Y'all

tea, coffee
Marisa Palace

Description: Comfy Cow really outdid themselves here. Their perfectly sweet banana base is loaded with homemade vanilla wafers and from-scratch marshmallow swirl. It is the perfect combination of Southern flavor, and was the highlight of our 6-pack.

Spoons: 10/10

All of the flavors we tried were super airy, but nonetheless creamy and decident. There is definietely a reason for all of the hype surrounding the Southern ice cream company.

Where to Buy It

For now, The Comfy Cow has locations in Nashville, Tennessee,  and throughout Indiana and Kentucky. Fortunately enough, if you don't live near any of the locations, you can buy it on by the pint. You can have some of the small batch ice cream delievered straight to your door. It truly is "Crazy Good".