It’s that time of the semester again, finals week. So now that you’ve finished your final papers and projects it’s time to get ready for your last chance to boost that B to a B+. Whether you’re slowly dying in that weird smelly corner of FHG or taking a break by getting some Starbucks, I know you’re craving the comfort foods that West Chester has to offer and if you’re not, get ready to put an order in (btw calories don’t count during finals week).

1. Dia Doce Cupcakes

finals week

Photo courtesy of @diadoce on Instagram

From Maple Bacon to Black Magic, there’ s a cupcake for everyone. Baked fresh daily, these cupcakes have won Cupcake Wars and there’s an obvious reason, they rock.

2. Literally anything from Amore

finals week

Photo courtesy of @amorepizzawc on Instagram

Out of all of the pizza shops in WC, Amore does not disappoint. I polled our Spoon WCU members about their favorite comfort foods in town and half of them all said something different from Amore. This goes to prove their hoagies, like the chicken parm, fat sandwich, and cheesesteak can top anyone else’s and last but not least, their pizza is killer.

3. Ice Cream Sundae from WC Coffee & Ice Cream Bar

finals week

Photo courtesy of @julieisfly on Instagram

This cold treat is bomb because it’s not only the fixings of a sundae, but there’s a doughnut in the mix as well. A DOUGHNUT. They top a doughnut with a shot of espresso, then on that there’s a scoop of ice cream of your choosing with hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry.

4. Barnaby’s Eggrolls

finals week

Photo by Sarah Ann Jeffers

Yup, the famous and delicious cheesesteak and buffalo chicken eggrolls. These babies are worth their weight in gold and no one is judging if you order the whole app for yourself.

5. D’Ascenzo’s Gelato

finals week

Photo courtesy of @_graceli_m_ on Instagram

This stuff is the real deal, like eating chocolate gelato on a warm day in Rome real deal. The D’Ascenzo’s make their gelato with the best and freshest ingredients, which is why it tastes so good. Check out the Spoon WCU feature on their gelato. It’s a go to after you take your last (or first) final.

SpoonTip: West Chester student’s get $1 off of their order!

6. Iron Hill Nachos

finals week

Photo courtesy of @ironhillbrewery on Instagram

These are the ultimate nachos around. Iron Hill’s nachos are incomparable to other’s and if you like savory over sweet, you have to try these out.

7. Barnaby’s Wednesday Wings

finals week

Photo by Rachel Rimmele

The best wings around are only $5 on Wednesdays and Barnaby’s has nine sauces for your order of ten wings. You also can’t forget Wednesdays are $3 Dogfish pints all day, half price drinks & $3 pounders 10pm-midnight.

8. Country Bagel

finals week

Photo by Sarah Ann Jeffers

Once you try a Country bagel, there’s no going back. Einstein’s will be a thing of the past and forget Dunkin’ Donuts. Treat yo self to a Country bagel before your early morning final. A cheddar bagel with cream cheese will easily get your head in the game.

9. Any pastry from Yori’s

finals week

Photo by Sarah Ann Jeffers

Yori’s makes the best chocolate croissant, but they also make their pastries daily so anything you get from their counter will make you question why you didn’t become a professional baker.

Unfortunately finals week is approaching, but after it’s over and you treat yo self, celebrate to a summer break of being free.