If you ask any foreign student, what they miss most about home, food will surely be a common answer. Like any other foreign student, my journey of moving to a new country also meant adapting and adjusting to a whole lot of changes. From the people you meet to the weather conditions. Even though adaptability is doable, food is always a cause of nostalgia. When you’re feeling homesick, it’s not unusual to seek comfort from familiar delicacies that remind one of happy family gatherings or other pleasant memories from childhood. That’s why they’re called “comfort foods” – they’re quite literally associated in your brain with happy and comforting emotions.

Love for authentic Bhutanese home food, non-palpability of certain Indian flavours keeps us seeking comfort from all food that tastes similar. So the hunt for restaurants that serve dishes which taste similar to the food back in Bhutan, started. My search had led me to a place called the Tibetan colony, popularly known as Majnu ka Tilla which is a refugee camp in Delhi, since the 1960s.The similarities between the Tibetan and the Bhutanese food acted as a saving grace.

Hence, I have aimed at compiling a list of restaurants/cafes in Tibetan colony. Serving amazing food, these are particularly popular amongst Bhutanese students in Delhi.

1. Tara Restaurant


Photo Courtesy of Faagio

Cuisines:Bhutanese,Tibetan, and Chinese.

Known for:Affordable and authentic Bhutanese, Tibetan and Chinese delicacies.

Recommendation(s): Sikam Paa(Pork) and Ema datshi (chili with Cheese).

Cost: Rs.600 for two people (approx.)

2. Ama Restaurant



  Photo by Shaunak Guharay

Cuisines: Tibetan and Chinese.

Recommendation(s): Double fried pork, Drums of heaven and Momos.

Cost: Rs.400 for 2 people (approx.)

3. Dolma House


Photo by Chator gali

Cuisines: Bhutanese, Tibetan, and Chinese.

Known for: Pocket-friendly Chinese and Tibetan cuisine.

Recommendation(s): Gyathuk, Lowa,Dolma Special Fried rice,Momos.

Cost:  Rs.400 for 2 people


4. Ama Thakali


Photo courtesy eat story

Known for: Nepali thali.

Cuisines: Nepalese (approx.)

Recommendation(s): Nepali Thali , Sandeko.

Cost:  Rs.400 for 2 people (approx.)

5. Ama Cafe


Photo by Chocolaty Delights

Known for : Ambience, and Blueberry cheesecake

Recommendation(s):  Blueberry Cheesecake , and Mud cake

Cost:  Rs.450 for 2 people (approx.)