College Town has been a long time coming, and almost all of the shops are open. U of R students have gotten to experience this during it’s early stages, and will come back to campus in just over a month with it fully completed. The Class of 2019 is in for a real treat.

You can experience College Town yourself in just a brief 10 minute walk from campus or a bus ride on the College Town Express shuttle leaving from ITS.

While students will be focused on the 101 Things To Do Before You Graduate, this is the bucket list you should really make a priority. Get out your pens (if you brought any to school) because you’ll want to check these off your list, especially if you’re a foodie like myself. Here’s your fall guide for where to explore:

*URos accepted = This eatery accepts URos (the account used for laundry, vending and more). When your parents get suspicious as to why you need more URos, just blame the laundry. No one has to know.

1. Bruegger’s

Everyone loves bagel sandwiches. Go for a quick breakfast, or even stay until lunchtime comes around. Great Northern Pizza Kitchen is in the same building, so you won’t even have to leave… A college students dream.

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2. Great Northern Pizza Kitchen

A $3 slice of pizza the size of yo face? The solution for all broke college students with a big appetite. Also, did I forget to mention that they have mac & cheese pizza?

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3. Yotality

The only way to survive freshman orientation and the early days of fall semester when temperatures are HOT and have no A/C: Unlimited DFo soft serve, Douglass ice cream, and to balance it out, stop by Yotality to get some froyo as a healthier option.

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*URos accepted

4. Bunga Burger Bar

Treat yourself to a real burger, and don’t forget the sweet potato fries. For those over 21, there are happy hour deals for when you’ve had a long day or just want to escape campus with friends.

5. The Soup Spoon

What’s Cambodian food? For those of you unfamiliar with it, be prepared for deliciousness. For Cambodian food-aficionados or garbage plate fanatics, check out their creative spin on Rochester’s famous garbage plate.

6. Grappa

Sick of dining hall food? Want to splurge on a fancy dinner? Date night for your significant other? Yes to any of those and more: this is your spot! No matter what you order, make sure to keep room for the apple caramel galette to complete your experience.

Opening night at @grapparoc! Pork with potato and root veggies #VSCOcam #spoonfeed #roceats A photo posted by Spoon University – Rochester (@rochesterspoon) on Jun 30, 2015 at 5:33pm PDT

7. The Beer Market

After a long week of classes, spend the evening at the Beer Market with a range of craft beers (if you’re 21, that is). If you’re under, dive into some bar food, notably their giant soft pretzel.

8. Saxby’s Coffee

When studying in Rush Rhees and Starbucks gets old, take a mini field trip to Saxby’s to increase your caffeine tolerance and get some work done in a bright, calm atmosphere.

9. Insomnia Cookies

While College Town is a bit of a walk at night, never fear, Insomnia’s here! This bomb business delivers until 3am. Perfect for your late night studying or post-partying needs…. Or when you’re lying in bed in pajamas.

College Town

Photo by Rebecca Block

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10. Jimmy John’s

We all love Rocky’s Sub Shop (also known as Blimpie) for not only their subs, but for being open until 2am on weekends. To mix it up and escape the campus bubble, Jimmy John’s can satisfy your sub cravings in College Town, with lots of delicious options.

11. Corner Bakery Cafe

For when you are missing Panera, this cafe will be sure to satisfy that craving. From breakfast scrambles to salads to paninis to pastas, you will always find something to satisfy your appetite.

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12. Breathe Yoga

Change it up! Try out one of their hot yoga classes instead of trying to get to the gym when it’s packed right once the semester starts. For after class, replenish with their range of juices, smoothies, and healthy treats.

College Town

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13. Constantino Market

Too lazy to get to Wegmans on those long shuttle rides or getting bored of Hillside? Constantino Market is a great place to stock up on all your groceries if you’re an upperclassmen for all your cooking needs.

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Opening later in the fall:

14. Bar 145

Why travel all the way down to East Ave/Alexander for a fun night? Grab a burger or stay for late night drinks, especially if your drink of choice is bourbon.

15. Saha Med Grill

Calling all Greek food lovers, Saha has the feel of a restaurant, but is set-up like Panera. As you walk in, you will quickly glance at the menu, order at the front while you watch them prepare your food, and bring it to any table you’d like.

There’s a new Mediterranean place in down! Greca salad with beef kabob at @SahaMedGrill #VSCOcam #spoonfeed #eeeats

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