"Decadent delight in every bite!" - Taylor Stump.

When walking along Newbury Street in Boston, MA, it's hard to miss this vibrant cupcake shop and its cute aesthetic. After wanting to learn more about it, we had the lovely opportunity to interview Taylor Stump, the owner of Little Miss Cupcape!

Her Story

Taylor didn’t always dream of becoming a baker, but wanted to work in the fashion industry instead. However, she LOVED spending time in the kitchen, testing out her own concoctions. When cupcakes became the new trend in 2010, it sparked the idea of Taylor running her own small business. During her senior year of high school, Taylor's cupcake business increased in popularity, as she baked and decorated cupcakes for graduation parties and other small events. With her small catering business, she soon realized that people enjoyed her cupcakes as much as she enjoyed making and decorating them.

Only a month after graduating from college, Stump decided that it was time to make her cupcake business a reality. With the help of her family, and her Business Administration degree from Manhattan College, Taylor opened her first Little Miss Cupcape location in Hyannis, MA in 2014. With the success of her Cape Cod location, Taylor was able to make her ultimate dream of owning a Boston location come true, as she was able to bring her cupcakes to the popular destination of Newbury Street. Not only was she able to bring her cupcakes to more people, but Taylor also was able to reach out to her favorite clients: college students!

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted her business, Taylor continues to persevere by being active on their Instagram page, and fulfilling online and custom orders. (TIP: Little Miss Cupcape’s website offers in-store pickup, AND shipping, as well as DoorDash and GrubHub delivery...so now you don’t have an excuse to not try her DELISH treats!)

In addition, her promise as a self-taught, American baker is that her "family recipes use only the finest ingredients with real butter, cream, coco, sugar and pure vanilla." In addition to the quality and freshness of her cupcakes, Taylor also ensures each of her cute “cupcapes” are unique and decorated well! 

Speaking of her baked goods, here are some of the goodies she offers in-store:

The Cupcapes

Little Miss Cupcape offers 12-13 flavors daily, and a few speciality and seasonal flavors (they even have cute and clever names!). These include: Buoy Buckeye (chocolate AND peanut butter), Cape Coconut, Captain Carrot Cake, Chocolate Shark Attack (a chocolate lover's dream!), Dock Chocolate Raspberry, Jetty (the classic chocolate and vanilla sprinkle), Little Miss Cupcape (strawberry marshmallow... YUM),  Lighthouse Lemon (Taylor's personal favorite!), Seasalt Chocolate Caramel, Red Sox Red Velvet, Ships Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Vineyard Vanilla, and Wicked Awesome Oreo.

Chrissy Benson

Other Sweet Treats

Other than their unique, exquisite cupcakes, this bakery also offers many other baked goods. According to Taylor, their cookies are the underdog, with Chocolate Chip, M & M, Sprinkle Frosted, and Buttercream-Stuffed Chocolate Chip (so DECADENT)! Taylor also makes custom cakes, cakesicles (basically a cake popsicle), brownies, whoopie pies, and cinnamon rolls.

In addition to their original flavors, Little Miss Cupcape also offers themed holiday treats! You can order specially decorated cupcakes for holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. With the winter holidays coming up, get ready to order your Gingerbread Man and Christmas tree cupcakes, as well as some Santa sugar cookies! (Also, Little Miss Cupcape just launched their limited edition flavors of Mint Chip and GingerNogg, which you are available in their holiday assortments!)

Make sure you check out Little Miss Cupcape at their Newbury or Cape Cod location if your mouth is drooling looking at all of these treats! Also, check out their website to get these cupcakes shipped to you (https://www.littlemisscupcape.com/order-now/), and their Instagram, @littlemisscupcape, to look out for special offers and announcements.