Cold Brew Bar has something to please everyone. Located at Atlanta Dairies on Memorial Drive in Reynoldstown, the coffee shop serves everything from avocado toast to milkshakes. It was everything I could have dreamed of and more. Here are this hot spot's must-try eats, sweets, and coffees.

Healthy Eats

At its core, Cold Brew Bar is an extremely healthy establishment. There are many vegan and vegetarian options, and all coffees can be made with almond or oat milk. 

They have an abundant menu including smoothie bowls, oat bowls, toasts, and salads. My favorites include the almond butter toast, which has homemade almond butter, banana, chia seeds, and honey. The matcha smoothie bowl and acai bowl are also incredible. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Mexicali Bowl or the Thai Bowl, both of which can be served over grains or greens.

No brunch would be complete without avocado toast, and Cold Brew Bar’s avocado smash is to die for, so give that a try too. I’m a huge overnight oat girl, so I had to try the chocolate + orange overnight oats -- and they did not disappoint. Believe it or not, these overnight oats trumped the ones I make in my dorm room.

Indulgent Sweets

When you’re done being healthy, Cold Brew Bar has plenty of indulgent options to treat yourself with.

I need to start out by highlighting the milkshake / frappe scene -- it’s amazing. I highly recommend the captain milkshake, which has homemade captain crunch cereal mixed with cereal infused milk. Want a caffeine kick? Order a frappe made with Cold Brew Bar’s famous cold brew. To me, the standout frappes were Sea Salt Mocha (cold brew, milk, chocolate, sea salt) and Caramel Anise (cold brew, milk, housemade caramel, citrus anise). Both are as good as they sound. Not a coffee person? Don't fear! You can order the Earl Grey frappe, which blends earl grey tea, milk, vanilla bean.

 If you’re feeling in a desserty mood, the flourless chocolate espresso torte and yuzu matcha tart are unique and delicious. The homemade tea cakes are also to die for, and are sold in orders of 1 or 3 (but let's be honest, who would just order one?!)

Caffeine Fix

Let’s be honest, if you go to Cold Brew Bar, you probably want some type of coffee and theirs does not disappoint.

Their lengthy espresso menu contains everything from cappuccinos to americanos to straight shots of espresso. My favorite? Affagato - which is a shot of espresso over ice cream. This is exactly what you need to top off your meal at Cold Brew Bar. If you're looking for an adventurous drink, try one of the "Functional Beverages". They all pack an abundance of health benefits, taste delicious, and will look amazing on your instagram feed. I recommend the Vanilla Rose Latte. The pink drink contains beetroot powder, vanilla cardamom, rose water, coconut milk. It leaves you feeling amazing (both due to the superfoods and the satisfaction of watchin' those insta likes roll in!) 

What are you waiting for? Whether you need a caffeine kick, healthy meal, or indulgent dessert, Cold Brew Bar has got you covered.