Downtown Evanston has plenty of coffee shops to choose from, but if you’re stuck up on North Campus this quarter, Coffee Lab can be your go-to place for coffee and tea. The small coffee shop sits next to the Tomate Fresh Kitchen and just underneath the Noyes El stop. With a clean and comfortable interior, Coffee Lab offers bar seats facing street-side or tables in a side room. If you’re not in a particular hurry, the quiet atmosphere can be great for studying or just relaxing with some tasty drinks.

Coffee lab exterior

Photo by Kai Huang

Keeping true to its name, Coffee Lab’s coffee is served in large glass beakers with a mug into which you pour the coffee. Their standard brews are affordable and you can get a beaker’s worth for around $3 or $4. If you’re in the mood from some espresso, Coffee Lab also offers some great options like the smooth, sweet and rich white chocolate mocha or the caffeine-filled macchiato. To round out your breakfast, they also have a small selection of baked goods sourced from Great Harvest.

coffee lab macchiato and white chocolate mocha 3

Photo by Kai Huang

All of the options are reasonably priced and of good quality. Although the brew may not impress a coffee connoisseur, it certainly gets the job done. Since it’s open from 7 am till 7 pm, you can grab your caffeine fix before and after classes or any other time you might happen to be on North Campus.


Address: 922 Noyes St, Evanston, IL 60201
Hours of operation: Mon-Sat 7am-7 pm, Sun closed