If you haven’t stopped into Coburg Coffee House on your way home from classes or on the way down to Spring Garden Road, then you have been missing out! Ranging from salads to soups to quick snacks, Coburg Coffee has got your appetite handled and there is no question that they are experts in the beverage department. With so many options across their menu, you are guaranteed to become addicted to this local hot-spot.

1. Avocado Toast

Coburg Coffee

Photo by Amanda Shulman

You can’t go wrong with mashed avocado smashed over a crispy piece of toast, but Coburg Coffee House‘s twist on this dish spreads a layer of savoury almond butter on the toast underneath the avocado. The combo may seem odd, but your first bite will have you instantly in love with this spin off and you’ll be unable to settle for just avocado on toast. Bonus: this dish can be prepared on gluten-free bread.

2. Chai Latte

Coburg Coffee

Photo by Alex Wiley

This is not your average chai latte and is nowhere near comparison to any other chai latte found locally in Halifax. What they do or add to this drink is unknown but it sure is secretly delicious. Coburg Coffee House will become your favourite stop for a chai latte if it already isn’t.

3. Power Chai

Coburg Coffee

Photo by Isabelle Chu

A mix of Coburg Coffee House’s to-die-for chai latte and their own matcha latte. If you’re a fan of either of these two drinks, this blend is made for you. The addition of the matcha is not only a brilliant idea and brilliantly tasting, but offers health benefits and an extra caffeinated kick.

4. Apple Brie Panini

Coburg Coffee

Photo by Mulin Xiong

If the inclusion of brie in this sandwich doesn’t already have you salivating, then their housemade apple chutney smeared across the bread should do it for you. I didn’t like chutney until I was introduced to this panini. The mashed up tastes of sliced apples, brie, and apple chutney combine perfectly as you scarf this sandwich down.

5. Chocolate Chip Bagel

Coburg Coffee

Photo by Maeve Greely

A classic choice that does not stop getting bragged about. Skip the plain bagel and indulge in this sweet chocolatey edition. The chocolate chip bagel is new to Coburg Coffee House…so make sure to try it in case it gets taken off the menu.

#SpoonTip: ask for peanut butter and strawberry jam to add to your chocolate chip bagel for more taste bud tingling