As a sweet-toothed dietetics major, one can imagine the dilemma I face when looking for healthy food, especially desserts. I’m always (I mean ALWAYS) looking for healthy alternatives to cure my constant sugar craving, and I found hope at Classic City Nutrition. They offer countless flavors of healthy teas and protein shakes. Adventuring on a weekend without Georgia football,  I stopped into Classic City Nutrition!

Shaking Things Up

Reagan Street

Classic City Nutrition is a local Athens gem, right off of Atlanta Highway. Classic City Nutrition has become known for its colorful energy teas as well as its creative flavors of protein-packed shakes. Unlike your average shake, they have crafted a shake that's low in sugar, fat, and carbs, ranging from 200-250 calories and containing 24-27 grams of protein!

Each shake can be topped with a matching ingredient, like sprinkles, cereal, etc. Don't want a shake? They also offer numerous flavors of energy teas with benefits like hunger control, increased energy, and focus! So basically, a DREAM COME TRUE. 


Reagan Street

Immediately walking in, I was warmly greeted. With it being my first time there, they patiently explained everything they had to offer. While waiting for my drink, I chatted with another customer who RAVED about Classic City Nutrition and how she easily finds herself here 3 times a week! The owner was very friendly and definitely knowledgable about every drink. They whipped up my drink and were completely transparent. They told me exactly what I was drinking and the benefits I soon could expect!

My Review

Reagan Street

Missing those beach-filled summer days, I felt inspired to try the energy tea flavor, Tropical Blast, and was not disappointed. The flavor was great and it was definitely the pick me up I needed. The tea had absolutely NO SUGAR, and somehow curbed my sugar craving. Hours after drinking the tea, I still had a ton of energy.

Later in the week, I returned to try a shake, for further "research". I really just wanted a shake.

Reagan Street


Overall, I was pleasantly surprised and can definitely see myself going regularly! I loved my tea and shake, and can't wait to try all of the regular flavors as well as the seasonal ones. Classic City Nutrition is a great place to sit at the bar top with a friend or even quickly run in after your workout at the gym. The service is great, personable, and patient!  If you're in the Athens area, treat yourself. Swing by and grab a drink at Classic City Nutrition. 

For more info and updates, check out their Facebook page!

Reagan Street