Do your parents still not trust you with the stove? Don’t know the difference between a whisk and a spatula? (Click here to find out) Dream of being on Chopped, but not still don’t know how to properly boil water? If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider taking a class with Claremont Chef’s Academy, located on First Avenue between Cornell and North Oberlin.

Housed in The Packing House, this village shop specializes in cooking classes for both kids and adults. Featuring a wide range of course offerings, from skill-based classes like knife handling and food safety, to more specific options like Thai Cuisine or Fresh Enchilada workshops, there’s a multitude of opportunities available to expand and build up your culinary craft.

Claremont Chef's Academy

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According to their website, Claremont Chef’s Academy’s hands-on classes allow  students to “learn proper culinary trades such as knife skills, food safety, etiquette, to science, social, and math skills in a fun and safe environment.”

In every class, students and participants will enjoy what they make at the end of class as well as receive the recipes to take home. They also hold private classes, birthday parties, and team-building opportunities.

So venture down to First and take a class with Claremont Chefs Academy; it’s a great new addition to the village that will help you procrastinate on all of that homework you weren’t ever going to finish. (And check out these videos).