On March 14, 2022 the University of Michigan's Spoon chapter visited Cinnaholic, where they make the most delicious gourmet cinnamon rolls you have ever tasted. Cinnaholic is located at 121 E Liberty St in Ann Arbor, MI. They offer over 20 fresh flavors which include banana creme, cake batter and hazelnut. Lucky for us, our visit was on Pi Day, so we all got enjoy their special offer of $3.14 Blueberry Pie Rolls! The rolls were warm, yummy, and had fresh blueberries on top! Cinnaholic’s goal, as it says on their website, is to "solve everyone's dessert cravings" and they sure did that for us!

The Cookie Monster

The second we walked into Cinnaholic we were hooked. Sweet and savory scents permeated the air. The feeling in the store was warm and cozy, and so inviting. Several of us even tried their best selling roll, the Cookie Monster which is layers of chocolate chips, cookie dough, chocolate sauce and cream cheese frosting piled high on their warm signature cinnamon roll.

Just a Love For Sweets

We had the privilege of talking to Doug Moeller about his journey in starting a Cinnaholic franchise here in Ann Arbor. Doug moved from California to Michigan and has always had a sweet tooth, especially for cinnamon rolls! He and his wife had been spoiled in California where there are several Cinnaholic locations. They missed the Cinnaholic they had grow to love in California and were longing for their delicious cinnamon rolls. So being about as proactive as one can be, they opened the first Cinnaholic franchise in Michigan right here in Ann Arbor. Cinnaholic also fits into Doug’s healthy vegan lifestyle by making 100% plant-based, dairy & lactose-free, egg-free and cholesterol-free cinnamon rolls. The rolls are always made fresh and with high quality ingredients. They don't even have a freezer. Also, if you follow a gluten free diet like me, Cinnaholic offers to put all of their delicious topping on a banana which I can assure you is almost as good as the actual roll.


While I was super impressed by the Cinnaholic’s cinnamon rolls, I was even more affected boy the steps they take to help our Ann Arbor community. They don't throw away extra rolls at the end of the day, but instead donate them or find good uses for them! They also do charity rolls where they give back to different causes weekly. We all found this so admirable and amazing. They also let us in on a super secret plan to develop maize and blue rolls! Check their website for updates.

Where to Find Them

You can find them on Instagram @cinnaholic.annarbor and at their website https://locations.cinnaholic.com/ll/us/mi/ann-arbor/121-e-liberty-st/ . We know you love it as much as we do!

Thank you Cinnaholic for a wonderful event. Looking forward to many more in the future.