Logic, the rapper behind recent hits like "1-800" and "Everybody", has skyrocketed to wide-reaching fame in the last year.  Off the heels of his two Grammy nominations, Logic just dropped his newest mixtape, Bobby Tarantino II.  A nod to his earlier mixtapes, this album is a playlist that you can turn up to or jam out to alone in your apartment.  With such diversity in style, choose from some of your new favorite Logic songs and we'll recommend an NYC brunch spot. 

1. Everyday ft. Marshmello

Everyday was the first track that I listened to on BTII and it really got me excited about his new work.  This is a go-to weekend party anthem, all about hard work and rewarding yourself accordingly.  Logic raps, "I work hard every day, but no matter what they say, it's my day."  If that isn't a proper excuse to treat yourself to a well-deserved Sunday brunch, then I don't know what is.  This song will make you want to visit Post in the East Village with a group of your most loyal friends.  Post's brunch dishes include refined twists on classics, like biscuits and gravy with house-made chicken sausage with their famous biscuits. Their dishes are definitely a reward after a long weekend.

2. Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz is definitively one of my top favorite tracks on BTII.  This song will make you feel like you're on top of the world.  Logic quite literally opens the song with "I've been running my city like I am the Wizard of Oz."  If you know that you run NYC on the weekends and need a brunch place to represent that, look no further than NORMA'S at Le Parker Meridien Hotel.  Enjoy their ultra-modern dining room with a plate of their Donut Even Go There French Toast stuffed with cheesecake and vanilla ice cream.  Not in the mood for something sweet?  Try the Lox & Lox of Bagel served with fresh caviar while you lounge on the rooftop pool.  NORMA'S may be pricey but, hey, Logic did just "pay ten million in taxes".

3. Yuck 

While the title might not be ideal, Yuck is the ultimate clap-back against the haters.  Supposedly, this track is part of an ongoing beef between Logic and Joyner Lucas.  But this feud doesn't seem to faze Logic, as he raps "I'll let success talk."  The best part of the track comes at the end when he plays voicemail message he received from Elton John.  Yes, the Elton John wants to collaborate, so talk about letting success be your words.  So let your haters be your motivators and get yourself to The Black Swan in Brooklyn, a proper English gastropub.  In honor of Elton (and Brits everywhere), try The Full English Breakfast, which includes 2 eggs, sausage and bacon, black and white pudding, baked beans and even home fries

4. State of Emergency 

Yes,  State of Emergency features 2 Chainz.  What more could you ask for?  As you've probably noticed, one of the album's running themes highlights Logic's fast-paced success in recent years.  But he stays true to his humble roots, rapping, "I'm not in the club throwing dollars, I'm at Game Stop."  If you're looking for a new cafe hangout and this is your favorite new Logic song, check out Third Rail Coffee.  Visit this roaster for their strong yet sweet drip coffee and chow down one of their Ovenly Scones.  Bonus: if you're trying to avoid the pretentious NYC coffee shop vibes, look no further.  Here, you can enjoy good conversation with the baristas while enjoying your afternoon coffee.

5. 44 More

This last track on the album, but 44 More leaves you wanting more.  Logic rhymes are so fast and can hype up any crowd and a wrap up of months of hard work.  It emphasizes personal motivation to reach goals and become the best, rapping, "I've been going and going like the Energizer." If this is your favorite new Logic song, then High Street on Hudson is ideal for you.  This West Side (and West Village) spot provides meals to keep you fueled and keep up the perfect aesthetic. Try out their Warm Poached Chicken with sautéed brussels sprouts and honey crisp apples. 

Lets be honest...

I am a huge fan of Logic.  Even if you are not, take a listen to his new album and I guarantee you'll find a track that you can vibe with.  And what better way to find your a new brunch spot then discovering your new favorite Logic song?