The variety of good food in London is endless. This past weekend amidst the shopping, sightseeing, visiting friends, and of course fine dining, I stumbled upon a couple of chocolate cafés absolutely worth checking out. As someone constantly armed with a Monoprix chocolate bar, I could not believe my luck when I  discovered these two chocolatey havens. 

Said dal 1923

Nestled in the narrow streets of Soho on Broadwick Street, Said dal 1923 is an Italian chocolate cafe with beautiful decor, cozy seating, and wafting scents strong enough to entice the entire block. I discovered the London branch (there is another Said in Rome) on my way home, sipping on milk tea I'd just purchased from Biju, a tapioca room just a block away. With only fifteen minutes until closing, my friend and I luckily sauntered in just in time. Before we knew it, we'd placed our orders for yet even more food.

The cafe works just like a normal coffee shop, but instead of teas, coffee, and cakes, it's liquid chocolate, coffee, and more chocolate. Along one wall are shelves stocked with chocolate buttons, bars, and gift bags, while the cold case displayed truffles and chocolates molded into just about any shape you could think of.

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Kenalyn Ang
For less than a fiver, I got a shot of dark chocolate (you had the option of milk, dark, or white chocolate) in a chocolate shot glass, on a chocolate saucer, with a chocolate spoon. My friend ordered a small hot chocolate, which came oozing with chocolate sauce on the rim and saucer. It was a mouthwatering sight–just as delicious and rich as it looked.

The cafe had a lovely casual atmosphere amidst such high quality chocolate, and most visitors were girlfriends, families, or teens. The cafe's long hours (open until 11) make it the perfect place to satisfy your late night chocolate

Kenalyn Ang

Dark Sugars

I first heard about this place from a friend and in the same week, came across a video featuring the place on my Facebook. Similar to my encounter with Said, I happened upon Dark Sugars when in London and figured it was fate. Located near Shoreditch on Brick Lane, Dark Sugars boasts traditional handmade chocolate as well as vegan chocolates. I was returning from a previous food establishment but that didn't stop me from being one of their first customers to visit that morning, as it was just opening when I came across it bright and early at 10am.

Dark Sugars has pearls, truffles, squares, and just like Said, offered chocolate infused coffees along with hot chocolate. The store had an artisanal and earthy vibe, with some of their chocolates on display in wooden bowls or baskets. With a ridiculous amount of variety, customers had the option of adding the likes of chilli, mango and cinnamon into whatever beverage they ordered. Some of their signature items include the Overdose Truffle, the Lime and Gin Truffle, and a creamy Passionfruit Pearl. For £10, customers can get a bag of nine assorted pieces of chocolate, which is exactly what I did, ordering the Passionfruit Pearls. The store's website is definitely worth checking out too, if not to online shop for chocolate, at least to enjoy the beautifully airbrushed images of their little beauts. 
Photo by Yoori Koo | Unsplash

yoori_koo on unsplash

Said and Dark Sugars are just two examples of the many chocolate wonders that exist in London, but they are both extremely worthwhile places to see with some of the best quality chocolate there is. The ambiance, staff, and overall chocolate-centred experience create the perfect space for the zen and quiet you might crave while traversing the city. Yet they also offer the sugar replenishment you'll need to power through the day of shopping or sightseeing. The next time you're in need of a serious chocolate fix, head down to London and make these unreal chocolate stops your final destination. 

Photo by Jordan Whitt | Unsplash

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