The Chocolate Moose is one of Bloomington's most beloved ice cream shops. You can consistently find long lines stretched through the parking lot on hot summer nights and crowds during weekly Food Truck Fridays. So, you may have shed a few tears when you heard that Chocolate Moose was closing. Stop weeping friends — this is only partially true.

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Stephanie Marchuk

That cute little hut on South Walnut has been dishing out ice cream favorites since the 1950's. But at the end of this month, the store will no longer be there. October 30th will be the last day that the Chocolate Moose will be open. After that, construction will start on a new apartment complex. In this new complex, to be completed in April 2017, The Chocolate Moose will reopen on the main level!

If you can't wait that long to get your Moose fix (especially all the seniors trying to savor it for as long as possible), The Chocolate Moose has opened up a second location in Nashville, IN. It isn't too far of a drive, and this location has all the same things as the original. Here they have indoor seating, making it perfect for winter.

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Claire Waggoner

If Nashville is too far for you, you can still pick up Chocolate Moose ice cream at grocery stores and some local businesses to keep you sane until April. For now, I'll be going to the original Moose before it closes on October 30th (Try the pumpkin ice cream!). They even have a cute wall where you can write down your "Moose memories."