Every college town has an array of restaurant selections for indecisive college kids, and South Bend, Indiana is no different. It surprisingly has a lot to offer the inner foodie, from traditional Italian cuisine to authentic Vietnamese food. The tri-college community provides plenty of coffee connoisseurs a handful of coffee shops in town. I've heard people raving about this place, and finally decided to check out what all the hype was about. If you're looking for a twist on comfort food, The Chicory Cafe is the place for you. 

The Atmosphere

Finding that special place to get your creative juices flowing can be hard, but look no more, The Chicory Café is just the spot.

Upon walking in you can see they have plenty of seating from the comfy couches to small coffee tables by the window. This place is always bumpin' either every time I stop in or pass by. 

The setting of the place changes throughout the day. In the morning or afternoon, if you need to get some homework done and aren't bothered by some noise, the Chicory Cafe is great. At night, it gets a bit noisier and they transform the place into a different atmosphere by hosting various events such as live music and trivia nights.

The Food and Drink

chicken, cheese
Rachel Anne Ramos

They offer a colorful menu with house specialties and an extensive drink menu. They have practically every beverage you could want. A coffee bar, various teas, smoothies, juices, and, for added brownie points, liquor. This was my first time coming here for actual food. I had previously been there a couple times for coffee, but this time I ordered the a small side salad. I felt a bit adventurous and ordered the Crawfish baked mac and cheese. As for prices, the pricing is ideal for college students. The food and drinks have decent prices that won't break bank and the portion sizes are perfect. The most expensive items on the menu are only $12. I was surprised to see vegan-friendly desserts, too.

Unfortunately, I was in a rush, so I ordered fresh beignets and a latte for dessert to-go. That ruined my chances of taking an Insta-worthy photo, so here's an Instagram pic of what I ordered.

As a foodie, I'm usually hard to please, but every time I have been here I've never been less than satisfied. The Chicory Café earned my approval and I will be a happy returning customer. I would highly recommend giving this place a try if you haven't already.