Make some room Hoosier Mama Pie Company, there’s a new pie shop in town. First Slice Pie Café may not have been first to claim the Evanston pie territory, but it is certainly taking the town by storm - one slice at a time.

Their Story

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Ariel Coonin

First Slice Pie Café, originally opened in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago in 2005, has since been ranked as one of the best places for pie in Chicago. There are now three other locations open around the Chicago area in Andersonville, Manor and now Evanston.

The famous pie isn’t even the best part of this place. First Slice is an entirely outreach-based, not-for-profit pie café and coffee shop that provides over 600 meals a week for the homeless and those in need. That means every cup of coffee you gulp down and slice of pie you devour helps feed others as well.

The Atmosphere

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Ariel Coonin

First Slice Pie Evanston occupies a spot in the Gibbs-Morrison Cultural Center serving mouthwatering pies and pastries, sandwiches, salads and drinks to Northwestern Students and Evanston residents. Located right across the street from Evanston Township High School, this café can be overrun with high school students during their lunch breaks, but don’t let that deter you - there’s room for everyone.

The café is spacious with plenty of seating options ranging from wooden tables with funky red chairs to comfy couches that match the bright blue walls. There’s even an option for outdoor seating with tables and umbrellas – weather permitting, of course.

First Slice is the perfect spot to study if you enjoy a coffee shop ambiance. There’s no shortage of natural light due to the the floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding the shop – perfect for reading a textbook, writing a paper, or capturing the perfect Instagram of your delectable pie.

The Food

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Ariel Coonin

There are so many dining options here, you may have a tough time choosing. But you really can’t go wrong with whatever you order. The portions are huge and the food is great quality.If you’re trying to stay “healthy,” go with the Harvest salad. This salad is packed with chickpeas, radishes, pear, pickled onions, sunflower seeds and gorgonzola cheese with the option to add protein. When you’re done, you’ll be satisfied and still feel healthy enough to enjoy dessert.

The dessert options are plentiful, ranging from pies to cheesecakes and pastries. But let’s be real – it’s called First Slice Pie, so go for the pie. Flavors include Pumpkin, Chocolate Cream, French Silk, Polka Dot Pie, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Balsamic Raspberry and Apple.

The Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie is one of the best desserts you will ever eat. Oreo cookie crust with peanut butter cream all topped with a layer of real chocolate and a sprinkling of peanuts for crunch – this pie is basically a giant, over-stuffed peanut butter cup.

Wash down your dessert choice with an iced or hot coffee. It’s completely reasonably priced and really good quality compared to what you’d get at a chain coffee joint.

pumpkin, pie, peanut butter, peanut, chocolate, butter, cheesecake
Ariel Coonin

Evanston is slowly becoming the pie capital of the Chicago area (you heard it here first). Seriously, how did we get so lucky?

There are two incredible pie shops in walking distance, only about a mile South or West, of Northwestern’s campus. You don’t have to even worry about gaining the #Freshman15 because walking there cancels out all the pie you eat, right? Right.

So get walking, people. Better yet, run, don’t walk, to First Slice because you don’t want to miss out.