When I heard that there was a poke bar opening up in Tucson, I was super excited! I love poke because it is really fun, healthy, and of course, tasty! PokeZone is located in Downtown Tucson on West Congress Street.


At PokeZone, there are various size options. For two scoops of poke, it is only $10. The first step is picking your base. The options include white rice, brown rice, salad, or a little bit of both. Next, one picks the protein and the options are ahi tuna, spicy tuna, salmon, yellow tail, and octopus. For the next step, one picks the sauce. There are a lot of sauce options because you can never go wrong with too much sauce! I had the ginger salad dressing and it tasted delicious, mixed in with the poke. The last step (and the most fun) is picking your toppings! There is a wide range of topping choices, including, crab mix, avocado, edamame, cucumber, ginger, wasabi, onion, wonton, seaweed salad, and jalapeño. 


Another cool thing you can get at PokeZone is there poke burritos (pictured above). These burritos have the same things that are in the bowls but are instead wrapped in rice and seaweed. These burritos are a super cool twist on normal poke bowls.


To make your bowl healthier, I recommend getting a half salad and half brown rice as the base or just salad or brown rice. In addition, make sure to add a variety of veggies and go light on the sauce. For my bowl, I got a half salad and half brown rice with one scoop of ahi tuna and one scoop of salmon. I added wasabi, ginger, edamame, onions, and wonton strips. I highly recommend this combination!!

Overall, if you are in the Tucson area, make sure that you head on over to PokeZone. It is super delicious, fresh, and reasonably priced. Enjoy!