Every University of Arizona student knows Tucson is home to some of the best Mexican food. Since it is about an hour and a half drive from the boarder, we've been blessed with some of the most authentic Mexican food and tequila. Ditch those greasy tacos from Taco Bell and grab some cheap tacos at one of the many options that Tucson has to offer. Here are the best tacos in Tucson you need to know about.

Rosa's Mexican Food  

This inexpensive Mexican food is home to some delicious and cheap tacos. A beef, cheese, or bean taco with lettuce, cheese, and tomato costs only $3.75. Some $4 taco options include shredded beef, chicken, carne seca, or guacamole. Looking to add a margarita to your taco order? Rosa's has you covered. They have traditional, strawberry, or mango flavored margaritas.

BOCA Tacos y Tequila

This place has the complete hook up with inexpensive and tasty tacos. Patrons can choose from meat, veggies, and seafood taco options. If you're looking for the cheapest option from the meat portion of the menu, go with the Asada (chopped steak) which is priced at $2.85.

The cheapest option for vegetarians is the Tofu (honey mustard marinated grilled tofu) at $2.50. As for seafood, the cheapest option is the Pescado (beer batter-fried white fish) for $2.95. All of the tacos are served on a flour or corn tortilla with guacamole, cabbage, and their signature salsas.

Nico's Taco Shop

Nicos' is the perfect chain for taco lovers on a budget. The least expensive options on the menu are $2.59 and include green chile, ground beef, chicken, shredded beef or three rolled tacos with cheese. If you're feeling fancy and willing to spend $2.99 then there are more options. A few extra cents will give you the option for fish, carne asada, carnitas, three rolled tacos with guacamole or the al pastor.

Los Betos 

Similar to Nico's Taco Shop, Los Betos is like a McDonalds of Mexican food for Tucson. Lots of the locations have drive-thrus, so if you're busy or on the go, you can just pick up some cheap and tasty tacos. Looking for the cheapest taco on the menu? Los Betos serves the ground beef taco for $1.65. If you're willing to splurge on the next level taco, you'll have to shell out $2.25. For that price, you can either get the chicken or shredded beef taco

El Güero Canelo

Although they're well known for their Sonoran style hot dogs, El Güero Canelo has some tasty and inexpensive tacos on their menu. If you're looking for the cheapest on the menu, the beef or chicken taco is $2.75 and comes with cabbage. If you don't mind the extra 25 cents then the other options they serve include the lorenza or the embarradas. Both options are priced at $3. 

Pick from any of these five Mexican restaurants for your next Taco Tuesday and you and your wallet will leave extremely satisfied. Kick Taco Bell to the curb and choose from any of these five places for your Mexican fix.