The first time I visited Chapman on a college tour, I remember eating lunch at Bruxie afterwards. The waffle sandwiches located right across campus were all the rage, even as a prospective student. As a fourth year Chapman student, the go-to Chapman food spots have become very apparent. It's pretty obvious that if you haven't been to the following seven restaurants, then you most likely do not go to Chapman. 

1. Bruxie - Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches

The closest restaurant in proximity to campus that is an easy, fun and fast way to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. Madi Lohmann former Bruxie employee says, “You can never go wrong with a Nutella banana waffle, the waffle fries are incredible, and I love the vegetarian option—roasted mushroom and goat cheese.” Be sure to walk by when it's 90 degrees in the CA heat, because you will be showered with a refreshing cool mist.

2. The Filling Station Cafe 

Ellery Gibbs

Breakfast served all day, old-fashioned diner experience inside, warm ambience on the patio outside. We love the eggs Benedict, add avocado, hollandaise on the side. Also some Chapman favorites: breakfast burrito (its the size of a baby), French toast, Caesar salad wrap, and the fish tacos.

3. The Pizza Press

tomato, arugula, pizza
Ellery Gibbs

The ultimate personal pizza experience; customize it and watch that Za all the way to the oven.

#SpoonTip: The pearlini mozzarella is life-changing, and always add fresh herbs at the end. The pizza always tastes better when you eat it in house, but if you’re on the go, grab a box.

4. Aussie Bean

If you're looking for coffee before class and trying to stay away from the corporate coffee monsters, Aussie Bean is a coffee roaster you can feel good about supporting. Simple coffee menu, productive study environment (but warning, no WI-FI), expect quality latte art every time.

It may be on the more expensive side, but it's worth it and definitely better than Starbucks. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try the flat white.

5. Citrus City Grill

This expensive sit down circle dining experience has everyone at Chapman bringing their 'rents to this restaurant. Honestly we don’t know what the hype is about… it's not all that great and is too expensive to go for just any occasion, but the bottomless mimosas on Sunday do have us coming back each week.

6. Albertaco's

The classic drunchie go-to. From Thursday to Saturday nights, this place is popping with Chapman students. Look out for that guy in your BUS219 class because he WIILL be there. This is as much a social experience as it is eating a variety of Mexican munchies that will send your drunken stupor into a beautiful, satisfied sleep. Want to forego the chit chat and go straight to the guaq? No problem, use the drive-thru to avoid that awk eye contact as you stuff a burrito into your mouth.

Our faves: fries with cheese and guaq, Colorado burrito with guac, cheese quesadilla (always with guac), horchata, the red sauce… but really, always add guac (it's likely not real avocados but the bright green paste can fool any intoxicated person).

#SpoonTip: Do not be caught eating Albertaco's in the daylight... that's rough.

7. Mead's Green Door Cafe

For the health-conscious/vegan foodie, the earthy crunchy environment is amplified by the folk art and literal green doors hanging from the walls. Thanks to the friendly staff, you'll be sure to leave smiling.

The must-tries: Kombucha (on tap), apple chai smoothie, taco salad (with buffalo roasted cauliflower, pictured on the pizza above), the tasty veggie stack, the morning stack (with extra dijonaise, please).

So if you're a Chapman student, ask yourself, "Have I been to (or even heard of) these top seven restaurants?" If the answer is no, you may want to consider transferring.