Before you move on to the next stage of your life, whatever that may be, here’s a bucket list of Carolina favorites that you have to try.

1. Sweet Potato Tots from Linda’s

I’ve yet to find another place that can make sweet potato tater tots as delicious as Linda’s does. And then why not add melted cheese? These are everything.

2. A Cheddar Cheese Chicken Biscuit from Time-Out

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Available 24/7, you have no excuse for not being able to try this one.

3. Thumbs & Toes from Top of the Hill 


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No worries, there’s no need to revert to cannibalism to check this one off the list. Thumbs & Toes, one of TOPO’s famous appetizers, features a variety of sauces to accompany a half pound of chicken tenders.

4. Old Chicago’s legendary $2… well now $3 pizza after 10PM

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Late night one-topping goodness is definitely an offer that you can’t refuse. Choose any topping, from chicken to avocados, and you’ll go home with a full belly and wallet.

5. A gyro from Med Deli 

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Med Deli offers the most authentic Greek food around. With freshly homemade pita everyday, this place will surely satisfy your gyro needs.

6. The newest flavor of the day from YOPO 

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You can’t possibly be a Tar Heel and not have tried any of the Yogurt Pump’s delicious flavors and toppings. With all three sizes (small, medium or large) priced under $3, it’s a deal that’s hard to beat.

7. Wings, wings, and more wings from Four Corners 

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Named after Dean Smith’s iconic basketball strategy, Four Corners is the perfect place to load up with some grub on game day.

8. A Sup Dogs combo with lots and lots of bacon cheese fries 

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Okay, so Sup Dogs has other locations too… but the Chapel Hill location is obviously superior to them all. Whether you’re simply in the mood for dinner or passing by the rowdy, drunken, hot-dog-demanding customers, Sup Dogs is an experience that you can’t miss. Not to mention, it’s the best six inches in Chapel Hill

9. An M&M’s waffle from Ye Olde 

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Nothing will wake you up on a Saturday morning quite like this guilty pleasure. You can find a Waffle House anywhere, so why not try a local breakfast?

10. A slice of Mac n’ Cheese pizza and a slice of Loaded Tot-za pizza from Toppers

Pizza covered in mac n’ cheese? Don’t mind if I do. Pizza topped with tater tots with ranch, bacon and nacho cheese? And odd combination, but this is one you have to check off the bucket list.

11. An Ak-Ski from Bski’s

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A wrap filled with chicken tenders, hot sauce, pepper jack cheese, lettuce and ranch is why I’m thankful that Bski’s delivers until 3am.

12. The R&R Burger 

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Nothing beats sitting on the patio of R&R Grill on a sunny day and letting your teeth sink into a nice, juicy burger. Made with BBQ sauce, applewood bacon and onions, this classic burger has got it all.

13. A burger from Sutton’s 

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Established in 1923, Sutton’s has become a part of Chapel Hill’s history. Eat some good old fashioned fried food while you’re surrounded by pictures of current and alumni members of the Carolina community and Carolina gear galore.

14. Something hipster from Weaver Street Market 

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Join the land of the alternative music-loving hipsters for a meal and help yourself to the hot bar or salad bar at Weaver Street Market, Carrboro’s local community market.

15. A great big slice of cornbread from Mama Dip’s 

Leave it to the North Carolinians to make bona fide southern food to make any foreigner feel like they’re a part of the American South.

16. The corned beef hash breakfast platter from Breadmen’s 

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Infamous for its breakfasts, Breadman’s serves their homemade corned beef hash breakfast with two eggs and toast or a biscuit.

17. A bowl of pho from Lime and Basil 

This lip-lickin’ Vietnamese noodle soup can’t be missed out on. Step outside your comfort zone, try it out and thank us later.

18. An authentic Mexican burrito from Los Potrillos 

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Smothered in white cheese sauce, this burrito will keep you full for the entire day- as long as you don’t fill up on the pre-meal complimentary chips and salsa.

Congratulations class of 2015. Good luck and don’t miss out on these tasty treats before you leave!

Interested in seeking out more food around Chapel Hill?