For me, drinking a Chai latte is a spiritual experience. The sweetness of the creme, and the slight spice of the cinnamon make all my problems slip away. Hot or cold, Chai is like Christmas in a cup. I made it my mission to find the best Chai latte in Jacksonville. I found the best coffee shops online and ventured out into the city to find the Chai that beats them all and give you a definite ranking of the best Chai's in town.

It should be noted that I tried all Chai's in one sweep, so in a caffeine induced haze I traveled from one small coffee shop to another in the ultimate coffee shop crawl. From one iced Chai to another, I was not disappointed. 

5. Vagabond Coffee Co.

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Samantha Hoffman

This coffee shop earned points for simply being adorable. The atmosphere was calm and quaint, allowing you to feel comfortable in your coffee drinking experience. Although adorable, their Chai latte fell a little flat. The Chai itself was a strong brew with a very strong spice, but altogether it was slightly watery and slightly grainy.

4. Bold Bean Coffee Roasters

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Alyssa Godek

Bold Bean's atmosphere was rather industrial, but still comfortable. Their Chai latte was good, but not quite the best on this list. It was a strong brew with a light spice. The drink also seemed to be made with almond milk and was shaken before being served. The overall flavor was airy, milky and sweet. Not nearly as spicy as I normally like my Chai lattes.

3. Pura Bean

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Alyssa Godek

Pura Bean is a small and quaint coffee shop in a little strip mall on Beach Blvd. Only 12 minutes from the UNF campus, this simple and vintage coffee shop is a great place for students and Chai lovers alike. Their iced Chai is by far the sweetest and most creamy Chai on this list, as it is made with whole milk. The Chai was light smooth and decently spicy. Altogether this Chai was well balanced and a definite must try for Chai lovers who like it a little bit sweet.

2. Sippers Coffeehouse

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Alyssa Godek

Sippers is a quaint little coffee shop close to the UNF campus. Its a sweet atmosphere, with an even sweeter Chai latte. The coffee shop is pretty small, but it has tons of nooks and crannies for a bookworm or student to hide away in and get down to business. With a cute array of different seating options, you are sure to find the couch, chair, or bench that best suites you. Sippers Chai latte is creamy, smooth, and extremely well balanced. The spice of the Chai perfectly complemented the milky aspect of the latte. It's a great Chai and well worth the money.

1. Chamblins Uptown Café

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Samantha Hoffman

Chamblins Uptown Café is without a doubt the smallest shop I went to. Attached to a fantastic bookstore, the café is almost an afterthought, as it is not the reason many go there, but trust me it is worth the visit. Their Chai latte is one of the best in Jacksonville. With the options of flavored syrups and the suggestion of adding a lavender syrup to the Chai, I took my first sip and was in absolute heaven. There is a slight spice, but not overwhelmingly so, and the sweetness isn't sickly. Everything about the latte complemented each other perfectly, even the slightly floral flavor from the lavender. If you ever get a chance to stop into this coffee shop make sure you get a Chai latte, trust me you wont regret it.

So to my fellow Chai latte enthusiasts out there, I hope this list proved helpful to you and allowed you to narrow down your options on your next Chai-venture. Make sure you hit up some of these fantastic coffee shops, for some amazing Chai's and a chill experience, especially Chamblins. 

Go forth and spice up your life.