As if going to school in West Philadelphia wasn't cool enough with all the food, shows, concerts, events, etc...we have the additional bonus of occasionally running into some famous people, sometimes right on campus! I'd hate to brag about how awesome SJU is even more than I already do, so I'll let the article do the rest.

P.S. This guy named Pope Francis also stopped by. Maybe you've heard of him?

Will Smith

Yes, I'm talking about the alien killing, part robot, match maker, fresh prince: Will freaking Smith. These are only a few of the titles that Will holds, but last year he also held a box of Overbrook Pizza.

For those readers who aren't familiar with Overbrook Pizza (but probably wish they were), it is a small pizza parlor that is located right across from some of the upperclassman dorms. Not only is their pizza amazing after a long night, but it's also delicious before/after class, for dinner, and any time you need a quality slice. Plus they take Hawkcash- SCORE! 

As we know from his infamous show, Will Smith was born and raised in West Philly, so he knows where to find the good eats. If Overbrook Pizza is good enough for Will, it's good enough for me too. Carley Del Sordo, a current SJU student, was able to catch him picking up some pies.          

beer, coffee
Lucia Casaleno

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is a basketball legend, and he's no stranger to Hawk Hill.  As a Lower Merion native, Kobe Bryant is very familiar with SJU. Before Mr. Bryant became the all-star that he is, he would come practice his jump shot and work out in Hagan Arena.

As we know Larry's Cheesesteaks is an SJU landmark and just a short stroll from Lower Merion. Not only is Larry's a refuge for drunken college kids, but it's also a hometown favorite for one of basketball's greats. Last winter, Kobe visited his old stomping grounds the night before his final game in Philadelphia. Current SJU student, Tommy Matera, was able to snap these awesome pics of Kobe chowin' down!  

Lucia Casaleno
beer, pizza
Lucia Casaleno

Jimmy Fallon

There are few things that I love just as much as Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show, former SNL cast member, and my future husband. Coincidentally, one of those things happens to be what he ate when he came to Philly, a Dalessandro's cheesesteak. While Dalessandro's is not located directly on campus, it's only 5-10 minutes away in Manayunk, where plenty of upperclassmen reside.

With a recommendation from one of the Roots band members, Jimmy tried Dalessandro's flavorful steaks and blessed Instagram with a picture of himself there. When #1 NBA draft pick, Ben Simmons, was on The Tonight Show, Jimmy had him try a bite of a Delassandro's cheeseteak. Simmons declared that he would be just fine living in Philadelphia.

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Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence

This duo is a force to be reckoned with, especially in their most notable performance together in Silver Linings Playbook. This Oscar wining movie was set in Philly, and almost all of it was shot locally.

The 24hour,  Llanerch Diner  is just a short drive down City Ave from SJU and served as the location for one of the movie's most iconic scenes.. Bradley is a local boy, born and raised in Philly, he must have known how delicious Llanerch is. Jennifer was lucky enough to be along for the ride! Now the booth that the two sat in has a plaque dedicated to the film.

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Who knows who else will grab a bite near Saint Joseph's and add to our celeb list? Maybe alumni and rapper Lil Jon will want to visit down memory lane sometime soon! Be on the look-out hawks!