There’s a ton to do in Boston this time of year (even with the snow). Here are the top 5 recommended locations & events to visit this upcoming Valentine's Day. Whether you have a Valentine or not, these events are sure to be memorable!


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Erin O'Neill

Winter's not over yet. For just $6 (+$12 rentals) you can go ice-skating on Boston's Frog Pond. The pond is located in the center of Boston Commons and has various hours throughout the week. Boston Commons is located next to tons of stores and restaurants to visit once you've givin' it your all on the ice. 


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Rachel Linder

Hate Valentine's Day? You're not alone. Area Four located at 500 Technology Square in Cambridge takes a very Anti-Valentine's Day approach. They feature break-up poems on their menus, while also playing some of the most angst movies and emo-tunes throughout the store. This location is a must for anyone that hates this holiday! Did I mention it's a pizza shop?! 


Chi Le

The perfect comedy spot this Valentine's Day might not be so easy to find. The Hideout located at 4 South Market Building in Faneuil Hall is having a full week of stand up comedy shows. Tickets start at $10 and the show is bond to be hilarious. Shows start Monday, February 13th with doors opening at 7:30 each night! Right next door is Faneuil Hall's famous bars and stores, check them out while you're in the area.


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Jaclyn Kain

Single this Valentine's Day? LampLighter Brewing Co. located at 284 Broadway in Cambridge is hosting a speed dating night. Tickets are $10 and include beer! The event starts at 9pm on Wednesday, February 14th. You're sure to find someone who loves beer as much as you do. Minutes away is the Taza Chocolate factory. Maybe, take a tour ($8) and get in a few sweets before going to meet your future BAE. 


Becky Hughes

Crafts are the best way to spend a girl's night out. The Paper Source located at 1810 Massachusetts Ave in Cambridge is your one stop! For $10, the options are endless an in-store scavenger hunt, raffles, refreshments, discounted shopping, a photo booth, and of course, crafting. The event starts at 6pm and located right outside of Porter Square, there's plenty of stops to make along the way.

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Christin Urso

These budget friendly date ideas can help you get through this Valentine's Day. So put everything on hold for a night this week and go have some much needed fun. Whether it's with friends, family, or anyone special to you. Enjoy your time here in Boston and take advantage of all the sites to see.