Hawaiian Host began with a dream. 95 years ago, Mamoru Takitani had a vision for the best chocolate and macadamia nut combination. Over time, he discovered the perfect blend of milk chocolate. Years later, Takitani and his wife acquired a chocolate shop in Kaimuki, and just like that, the Hawaiian Host buisness was booming.

This past week, Hawaiian Host celebrated their 95th anniversary along with 95 years of being “the ultimate Hosts of Hawai’i,” says President and CEO of the company, Ed Shultz.

Madelyn Waddell

A Celebration

It was a celebration of the flavors of Hawai’i. Nowhere else will you find the perfect blend of milk chocolate and island grown macadamia nuts. It was truly a day of “indulgence,” a word used by Theresa Tuxhorn, Director of Global Marketing. And that it was. Featured at the celebration was a glorious chocolate fountain that was using the original milk chocolate recipe, a wide variety of flavors of their chocolates both old and new, and collaborations as well. Hawaiian Host partnered with Honolulu Coffee to provide coffee and hot chocolate refreshments, of course decorated to theme. Uncle’s Ice Cream, a company which partners with Hawaiian Host often, was present as well.

Hawaiian Host and Uncle's Ice Cream share a lot of the same values when it comes to prioritizing quality ingredients and the spirit of indulgence, so it is only fitting that there was delicious new flavors of ice cream sandwiches for the event.

Madelyn Waddell

Koho- a New Line of Luxury Bonbons

Hawaiian Host has more exciting news up its sleeve as well. Koho, a new line of luxury style bonbons are elevating the Hawaiian Host name. When asked how this new line shares the spirit of Hawai’i, Tuxhorn described the importance of the presence of the flavors of Hawai’i. Sure, they’ve always had macadamia nuts, but this is the first presence of true Hawai’i flavors, Tuxhorn explains. With flavors special to the islands like guava, mango ginger, and Tuxhorn’s favorite, the sweet yet tangy liliko’i, they really do capture the spirit of Hawai’i. Not only that but the chocolate is made completely with Hawaiian cacao. It is really important to both the locals of Hawai'i and even the travelers, that they are having something truly Hawaiian and home grown.

95 years ago, young Mamoru Takitani who worked above his family’s business on Maui would never believe how far the company has come today. Their success came after humble beginnings, and now even years later, the legacy still goes strong. As the company continues to strive to be the true hosts of the islands, we will all continue to enjoy the perfectly curated flavors. Hawaiian Host has always prided themselves on the "aloha that goes into each box." Whether it is the new mango ginger flavors of luxurious Koho bonbons, or the classic milk chocolate and macadamia nut, this company will always be a favorite of locals and travelers alike.

The 95th anniversary of Hawaiian Host truly was a day of great indulgence and celebration. Mahalo.