It’s not hard to find someone on campus singing praises for Brennan’s, New World Tortilla or even the Marche. But rarely do people comment on how amazing CAT Pause is, which they should. Any possible college mishap or tragedy can be cured by the wonderland of options inside.

1. It Serves Coffee

Photo by Mille Graesdal

If you are one of those amazing, super-god students that has managed to thrive in college without the use of caffeine, congrats. For the rest of us mortals, CAT Pause has hot, glorious, life-giving coffee. And because it is self-serve, its ready for you as soon as you walk in.

2. It has every comfort food that a college student could crave

Photo by Caroline McCune

Whether you’re craving sugar or fat, Ramen or Oreos, CAT Pause has got you covered. And if you’re thinking “No amount of junk food can erase the memory of that exam from my mind”, you’ve clearly never tried one of Steven’s Snacks Bakery cookies (its literally two chocolate chip cookies with cake frosting and enough sugar to short-circuit your brain).

3. Emergencies, sundries, and other necessities are available for purchase

Photo by Caroline McCune

If you don’t have a car, an accurate bus schedule, or the will to travel more than 300 yards from your bed you can still survive the Apocalypse (or the rest of the month) with the bounty of home goods available right in the Davis Center. Need more detergent for your laundry? There’s multiple brands. Need reusable utensils so you can pretend to be a real adult? It’s less than ten dollars. Managed to get a full-body sunburn in the middle of winter? There’s Aloe Vera and not judgment

4. Lake Champlain Chocolates

Photo by Caroline McCune

What better use of your meal plan than Vermont’s most famous truffles? There are dozens of flavors, so even the most picky chocolate lovers can be appeased; not to metion vegan, gluten-free and kosher options.

5. There are Almost Always Two Cashiers

Photo by Mille Graesdal

Too much time has been spent waiting in lines at food establishments on campus because there is only one poor soul available to cashier. At CAT Pause the line time is cut in half as it has not one, but two (usually) cash registers open! No longer must UVM student choose between timeliness and being hangry. You’ll be in and out in a flash, so you can make class! (Or skip class, but have even more free time!)

6. The Drink Game at CAT Pause is Sick

Photo by Caroline McCune

Most points restaurants limit your thirst-quenching potential, but not CAT Pause. Every possible combination of energy, zero calories, antioxidants, a sugar high and artificial blue food coloring is there at your fingertips!

7. Instant Milkshakes

Photo by Mille Graesdal

Brennan’s can take up to 20 minutes or more to make a milkshake (personal experience). F’reals may not be as organic or gourmet as Brennan’s milkshakes but they are cheaper, faster, bigger and come in so many more flavors.

8. It Has Last Minute Gifts You Can Buy for Your Friends and Family

Photo by Caroline McCune

I know I’m not the only person who was too lazy/busy to go downtown during fall exams to get presents for the folks. Luckily, there are plenty of Vermont themed presents (among others) you can snag at CAT Pause last minute. BONUS: If it’s a food gift you can use your points!

9. It’s in Between Most Classes and Dorms (Sorry Trinity Folk)

Photo courtesy of Google Maps

Going from your last class to your dorm, or as I like to call it, the Walk of Stress, is a time of turbulent emotions as you remember deadlines, your mountains of homework, and how much you would rather be watching Netflix. But right in the middle of it (if you take the tunnel) is CAT Pause. CAT Pause is there. CAT Pause understands. CAT Pause has beef jerky AND Nutella because it just that kind of day.


In Conclusion: ALL HAIL CAT PAUSE!

Photo courtesy of UVM Bookstore