Welcome to Pleasure Point, where the waves are top notch and there’s a coffee shop to match.

Meet Santa Cruz’s newest coffee roasters, Cat & Cloud CoffeeFounders Chris and Jared have been working to make this dream a reality for the past 10 years, developing their passion into something we all love: Coffee.

Cat & Cloud’s overall goal is to share their love for coffee with the rad people of Santa Cruz; creating real, lasting connections with their baristas and customers.

According to their mission statement:

“We believe in surrounding ourselves with people that bring out the best in us, and hope to bring out the best in other people [...] Whether it's making espresso, training baristas, early morning surf sessions, lunch time skate breaks, neighborhood BBQ's, or roasting coffee - we mean to connect to it, love it, improve it, and share it.”

coffee, tea, espresso
Adriana Chavez
Cat & Cloud’s Grand Opening was nothing short of a block party BBQ, complete with free tacos by Gordo Gustavos.  While some artisan coffee shops give a “hipsters only” vibe, the sense of community at Cat & Cloud attracts everyone from surfers to students with upbeat music and a friendly, approachable staff.
tacos, pork, cheese
Adriana Chavez

They also have plenty of non-dairy options, including almond, soy, and coconut milk. I tried their coconut milk cappuccino — $4.42 +tip, which was a generous serving size for a cappuccino, but as a coffee-addict I’m not complaining. The espresso came out smooth and flavorful, and the coconut milk added a nice creamy texture. 

coffee, cappuccino, espresso, milk, cream
Adriana Chavez

The appreciation for small businesses and community doesn’t stop there; the coffee shop's gorgeous interior is a combination of clean, modern lines and beautiful woodwork crafted by Janine Stone, and each cup of espresso is served to you in handmade ceramics by Sean White.

Coffee culture reaches new heights with Cat & Cloud, reminding us that small businesses build community and good coffee is nothing without good company.

Open Daily 6am-6pm