If you have an Instagram or are friends with an up-and-coming Brooklyn socialite, chances are that you've heard of Carthage Must Be Destroyed. This Brooklyn restaurant, located in a warehouse's alley, serves Aussie and health food favorites, including fruit plates, porridge, and all the toasts. Last weekend, I had my first brunch at Carthage, and it certainly will not be my last.

The Location

Carthage Must Be Destroyed is located in a secret East Williamsburg alleyway. Sandwiched between warehouses and artist collectives, it can be pretty tricky to find. Once you spot the infamous pink smokestack, and the less infamous line of Instabloggers, you know you've made it. 

The Atmosphere

bread, cheese, cake, tea
Beatrice Forman

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if Wes Anderson opened a restaurant without traveling to Milan? Luckily, Carthage is the answer to that question. Every piece of decor, from the bottles of sparkling water to the avocados, are deliberately placed. You can't help but feeling as if you're in an art installation that serves fancy coffee. 

coffee, tea
Beatrice Forman

The restaurant is full of pink accents, including the flatware. Not only does the color add to the restaurant's aesthetic, but it makes all of the food plated on it seem fresher and more vibrant. So while there's science behind why red and yellow increase appetite, I'm thoroughly confident pink does the same. 

Beatrice Forman

#SpoonTip: Need to pick up a housewarming gift for your BFF's new loft? Stop by Carthage Must Be Destroyed's front table, where they sell tiny house plants, kitschy jewelry, and Urban Outfitters-like home accessories. 

The Food

sweet, berry, strawberry
Beatrice Forman

Yes, the fruit plate costs eighteen dollars.

Yes, it is worth it.

Not only is it an entire Whole Foods' worth of fruit and nuts, it comes with the creamiest yogurt ever. Perfect for sharing (or keeping all to yourself), the fruit plate leaves you feeling refreshed and satisfied. 

cream, strawberry, blueberry
Beatrice Forman

The aptly-named "Foxy Porridge" is a next level oatmeal that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy in all the right places. I recommend spooning some pear into the porridge for a natural, yet modest, sweetener. 

Beatrice Forman

Having their very own section of the menu, the toasts at Carthage can't be overlooked. While I opted for the simple toast with strawberry jam and soppressata, there are many heartier options to choose from, such as avocado and feta cheese.


Carthage Must Be Destroyed is my new go-to restaurant. Perfect for a quick bite or brunch with friends, the menu here satisfies everyone, from the staunchest vegan to the most steadfast carnivore.