There are plenty of places in Cape Cod that sell seafood or ice cream—maybe even both. But Kool Kone in Wareham, MA is doing it way better than everyone else. They serve up classic seafood dishes as well as higher end plates at super cheap prices. Their ice cream is also nothing to glaze over, as their portions and awesome flavors give you the best bang for your buck in all of Cape Cod.

Not to mention there's a sweet 18-hole mini golf course there as well. Many read the name Kool Kone and think it only sells ice cream, but in reality some of the best seafood in the Cape is hiding right here in plain sight. Take a look at all the best things to try at Cape Cod's best kept secret. 

The Food

lobster, corn
Emily Lyons

Owner Tom Strom bought this famous clam shack 14 years ago and transformed its menu into his type of food by introducing new dishes like chicken Mozambique, lobster savannah, and jalapeño poppers. However, he kept classic seafood favorites like their heaping portion of clam strips, lobster rolls, and fish and chips.

For the first eight days of August, Kool Kone held their annual Lobster Blowout where you can get either boiled lobster, lobster roll, or lobster Savannah with corn on the cob, potatoes, and clam chowder for only $16.

The food here certainly does not disappoint. The flavor of the lobster was rich, buttery, and paired well with the thick and savory chowder. All of their fried food, such as the clam cakes, is fried to perfection with a salty component from the batter and a sweet note coming from the meat. The flavors here do not disappoint and neither do the portion sizes or prices.

The Ice Cream

whipped cream, chocolate, ice cream, cream, ice
Emily Lyons

With 50+ ice cream flavors and a slew of toppings to boot, it's pretty hard to get tired of the ice cream here. A small ice cream here is just $2.65, while a small sundae, like the one pictured above, is $4. Flavors like Milky Way and Peanut Butter Oreo have stood the test of time, while others like Salted Caramel Cookies & Cream and Peanut Butter Caramel Cookie Dough have recently debuted.

Treats such as ice cream cookie sandwiches, frappes, and floats are also available, as well as soft serve ice cream that comes out looking impossibly thick yet super delicious. 

#SpoonTip: The whipped cream comes free of charge.

The Mini Golf

beer, grass, tea
Emily Lyons

The spacious 18-hole Dolphin Cove Mini Golf is $7 all day and $5 for kids under 5 years old. But for certain events like the annual Lobster Blowout, the mini golf is free! It's a perfect way to spend time after finishing a filling meal, yet also a great way to feel like you've earned those clam cakes and ice cream sundae. 

cake, beer
Emily Lyons

Kool Kone is a triple threat when it comes to its food, ice cream, and entertainment. The prices are low to keep people happy and the laid back ambiance is unbeatable. During your next beach trip be sure to stop by Kool Kone because this Cape Cod joint is not one to miss.