Situated in a strip mall of Queens' own Jackson Heights neighborhood, Cannelle Patisserie is one of Jackson Heights best hidden food gems. Known by locals for being consistent, affordable, and exquisite.

Welcome to Cannelle Patisserie!

Created by pastry chef Jean Claude Perennou, who for a decade served as the executive pastry chef at Waldorf Astoria. Since it's opening in 2007, Cannelle Patisserie has captured the heart of locals.

Like that quiet kid in middle school who had a secret talent, Cannelle bakes the most scrumptious desserts that have even been honored by the New York Times. Compared to other French bakeries like Maison Kayser, Cannelle sells the goods at a very affordable price.

As a Jackson Heights local, I've been a regular at Cannelle since its opening in 2007. That's enough time to have tried everything on the menu, but here are my all-time faves.

Chocolate Croissant

Cannelle's chocolate croissant is less dense in filling than others, but this lends a perfect balance between sweet and savory.

Espresso 31

A creation unique to Cannelle, the Espresso 31 cake caters to chocolate lovers as a mocha cake.


They're the quintessential French cookie after all — so you can't call your bakery French if you don't sell macarons!

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

With raisins and walnuts mixed in, this soft and chewy cookie pairs nicely with coffee.

Paris Brest

Resembling a classic donut, the Paris Brest is split into two pieces, with hazelnut creme holding everything together.

Is your mouth watering yet?

Cannelle Patisserie has recently expanded its reach to Long Island City, Queens. So take a trip to Queens, pick your pastry, and give Cannelle some love! Bon apetit!

P.S. They sell amazing cakes, perfect for any occasion!