As with any successful attempt at a zero-carb, zero-sugar, fat-free lifestyle, the best way to reward a health streak is to break it. Recently, we found ourselves at Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe, treating ourselves to a sushi assortment that was a little more colorful than your average maki roll.

Escaping April’s torrential downpour, we walked into the Greenwich village candy haven ready to indulge in some much needed sweets. Welcomed with a little bit of bubbly, we found our inner-child pleasantly overwhelmed with options that ranged from all-time favorites (think Sour Patch Kids and gummy bears) to welcomed new arrivals (hello, candy shot glasses).

Stieber's Sweet Shoppe

Photo by Dan Dao

This is more than just your average candy store. Owner Lee Manne has a lot more to offer than pre-wrapped goodies from homemade fudge to chocolate covered Oreos. But the star of the night was the candy temaki and maki rolls served in little sushi take-out trays completed by pieces of candied “ginger” and sour apple taffy “wasabi”.

Hosting mini demos, Lee taught guests how to roll their own candy creations using marshmallow rice treats, Swedish fish, fruit roll ups, and the all-important marshmallow fluff. Why just be the kid in the candy store when you can be the kid who makes candy in the candy store? Needless to say, we might not be the next Morimoto, but it certainly won’t be long before our “Swedish Fish Rolls” make the dessert menu.

Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe houses candy sushi making classes every weekend at 2 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

This post originally appeared on Like It’s Your Last