Eating your way through Europe one delicacy at a time was a true adventure of a lifetime, but it’s time to face the fact that the time, for now, has come and gone. It’s an unfortunate reality, but one met with the comforting knowledge that Harrisonburg is nothing short of diversity when it comes to the food sphere.

Although the ambiance of chowing down on a gyro while walking through one of the Greek islands or stuffing your face full of pasta while sitting on the patio of a restaurant next the Colosseum can’t be topped, there are many joints in the ‘burg where you can satisfy your cravings for the flavors and blends that had your taste buds going wild while country hopping across the pond.

Consider yourself cultured after reading this list of restaurants that’ll have you reminiscing on all of your study abroad memories. #jmuspoonaroundtheworld

Bella Luna


Photo by Madeleine Chalk

With dough fresher than you, Bella Luna is the place you’ll find a delicious pizza. It may not be a Roman holiday, but it’ll have you happily thinking about your train rides through Tuscany with each and every bite you take. To compliment the pizza and please your gelato cravings, head across the street afterwards to Bella Gelato & Pastries. You’ll be thanking these two blessings for giving you a little piece of LITaly in H’burg.

Heritage Bakery and Cafe


Photo courtesy of @kblovesfood on Instagram

Paris may always be a good idea, but while dealing with projects on readings on exams during the semester, it’s a lil’ tough to jet set and go back to that cute cafe in Montmartre where you sipped on an espresso and munched on a croissant. Lucky for us Dukes, Heritage Bakery and Cafe will have you feeling hella French after one bite of a fresh croissant. #merci

Capital Ale House


Photo courtesy of @3grlslovefood on Instagram

#TBT to the time you were sipping brews at Oktoberfest and eating giant pretzels. If you’re looking for those pretzels, a good beer, and some sausage, look no further than Capital Ale House. This restaurant will have you saying “ja” to their Brat and Knack plate or the bavarian pretzel. Or both. Go big or go home, just like you did with all of your adventures abroad.

Corgan’s Publick House


Photo courtesy of @corganspublickhouse on Instagram

A traditional Irish breakfast is a true Irish proverb within itself. This plate of fried eggs, bangers, bacon, potatoes, fried tomatoes, and brown bread served at Corgan’s will have you saying “top o’ the mornin'” in no time. The hills of Harrisonburg may not be the Cliffs of Moher, but you’ll be burning off that brunch with a post traditional Irish breakfast adventure around the ‘burg. Also, find your Bailey’s here.

Dave’s Taverna


Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Dave’s

Greek food is one of a kind, and you can best bet that you’ll be feeling so fine after a gyro. Dave’s may not be decked out with photos of the Acropolis or blue top churches scaling cliffs, but it’s got a deck. Also, a bangin’ plate of souvlaki. You’ll be leaving saying OPA.



Photo courtesy of Agrodolce

New to H’burg, but already having us wanting so badly to return to “our” vineyard in Tuscany, Agrodolce will grace your taste buds with homemade pasta and authentic Italian wine. If you need more of an incentive to go, check out this article that highlights this holy grail of Italian dining. 



Photo courtesy of @beyondrestaurant on Instagram

London is a melting pot of all things food. Home to so many culinary creations that range from edgy cereal cafes to tea time capable of more class than Kate Middleton to food markets full of so much diversity, London does not disappoint and has way more to it than the fish and chips stereotype. But, if you have a sudden craving for the fish and chips you had while roaming through Camden Town, give Beyond a visit.