It's no news that college campuses don't always get the best rep for food. From soggy pizza to greasy chicken tenders and fries, it doesn't take long to find yourself yearning for a nice meal without having to make the trek off campus.

Times are changing, though, and many college campuses today offer fancy restaurant-style meals (served up by waiters, instead of cafeteria-style) that students can enjoy with a simple meal card swipe. Here are 7 schools that have amped-up their dining experiences via full-fledged, on-campus restaurants:

1. Ibby's at Washington University in St. Louis

This small bistro not only offers a lunch and dinner menu that changes frequently by season and semester, but a wine and sangria menu to boot. Tucked in a cozy corner in the Danforth University Center, Ibby's is a popular end-of-the-semester destination when students are ready to go ham with extra meal points. Menu favorites include crispy calamari, bistro fries (covered in parmesan and rosemary), filet mignon, roasted Brussels sprouts and the all-too-popular bananas foster. 

2. The Wave at Western University

The Wave, Western University's most popular eatery, offers a fine dining experience with a wide selection of elevated comfort foods like burgers and pastas. Many events are also held at the venue, including speaker series, fashion shows and nightclubs. It's also a hotspot for alumni weddings and for students to watch sports games on the restaurant's big-screen TVs. 

3. The Rathskeller at University of Miami

Often referred to as "The Rat," The Rathskeller is a popular student meeting place at the U. It not only serves up great hamburgers, sandwiches and indulgent specialties (read: mozzarella sticks and fried mac-and-cheese bites), but it's also a venue for campus entertainment events like live concerts and comedy shows. The restaurant boasts a large selection of alcoholic beverages on tap. Students can apply to work at The Rat and become a part of the popping University of Miami nightlife scene.  

4. 1887 Bistro at North Carolina State University

Since its opening in September of 2015, this bistro has become the perfect spot for weekday lunch or evening gatherings on the campus of NC State. The menu features Southern favorites like smoked beef brisket sandwiches, pork belly sliders and buffalo chicken dip, many of which are perfect for big groups or sharing. 1887 Bistro can also be reserved for evening events and accepts both NC State Dining Dollars and AllCampus funds.

5. Late Night Kitchen at Boston University

An ideal place to enjoy a satisfying meal with friends, Boston University's Late Night Kitchen offers a modern menu with a variety of appealing options. Open weekend nights, this is the perfect spot for BU students' late-night drunchies. Menu items reinvent childhood favorites like cheeseburger mac and homemade four cheese ravioli. Students can apply to be waiters at the restaurant, which accepts meal points.

6. Chuck & Augie's at University of Connecticut

Named in honor of University of Connecticut donors Charles and Augustus, this farm-to-table restaurant offers an excellent dining experience for students looking for something beyond cafeteria food. The restaurant is a part of Connecticut's Farm-to-Chef program, which motivates chefs to use locally grown ingredients. Gluten-free, vegetarian and wine menus are also available. The restaurant is open weekdays, but meal points are only accepted for dine-in starting at 3 pm. 

7. The Commons at Duke University

Located on the top floor of West Union, The Commons is an upscale dining room offering a beautiful view of campus to complement its steakhouse menu. Options include mussels, lobster bisque, filet mignon and seared ahi tuna. While the restaurant is only open for faculty and staff on weekdays from 11:30 am to 2 pm, it opens at 5 pm on weekdays and Saturdays for everyone. Sunday brunch at The Commons from 10 am to 3 pm is also a popular student splurge, and meal points are accepted.  

These fine dining experiences are sure to elevate campus food from the usual cafeteria pizza or meatloaf. But if your school didn't make the cut, not to worry. There are many other ways to escape caf food—like simply cooking a nice meal in your dorm or taking a walk or drive to the nearest restaurant in town. Bon appétit!