Tired of feeling of feeling like a basic white girl (or guy) at Starbucks, but you’re too lazy to get off campus for coffee? Wake Forest University has the perfect spot for you. Campus Grounds, located in the lounge of Taylor Residence Hall, got a complete makeover this summer and is more than ready to show off the new space and cater to all your hipster coffee needs.

What Sets Campus Grounds Apart?

Ansley Bird

Completely student run, the coffee shop is by students, for students. The baristas are friendly, knowledgeable, and will do their best to make all your caffeinated dreams come true. They have tried every drink and pastry on the menu, so feel free to ask them what they recommend.

The Drinks

Campus Grounds proudly brews Krankies Coffee, which is one of Winston’s most popular coffee shops. They have everything from drip coffee to Thin Mint lattes. And if you can dream it up, they can probably make it, just ask! Campus Grounds also sells cold brew and nitro brew, which is cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen to give it a rich and creamy flavor. I definitely recommend giving it a try. But be warned, you’re out of luck if you ask for decaf. Then again, this is a college campus, so decaf is basically illegal.

Ansley Bird
Ansley Bird

If coffee isn’t your thing, then maybe one of there smoothies or Frappuc—excuse me—Chillers will appeal to you. The smoothies come in strawberry, mango, pineapple, and mixed berry. You can also mix and match these options to create a unique flavor. The Chillers come in a mocha flavor or an original base that can be modified a different flavor of your choice.

Still looking for more? Campus Grounds also carries UpDog Kombucha on tap with flavors rotating seasonally. 

Ansley Bird

My personal favorite is the Happy Baby Lavender. There are also a variety of teas that can be made hot or cold upon request. Pro tip: a small, medium, and large are all the same price for tea, so there's nothing stopping you for going for the large

The Food 

Ansley Bird

Craving a snack? Campus Grounds always has great options because it is constantly stocked with pastries from Camino Bakery downtown. They are delivered daily and some popular crowd pleasers are the pumpkin bread and the maple berry scone. My personal favorite is the espresso chocolate chip muffin. Make sure you swing by in the mornings because they do go fast. 

The Rewards

Although Campus Grounds does not take food dollars (sad, I know), they do take Deacon Dollars, offer discounts, and have a reward system. There is a twenty percent discount applied to your order when you bring your own mug or are part of any of the rotating organizations of the week, which can be anything from Kappa Delta Sorority to members of Campus Kitchen. If you are interested in having your organization featured, just let any of the baristas know and they will be more than willing to make it happen. Additionally, after ten drinks, you earn a free drink of your choice—any size, any modifications—so feel free to go crazy.

So, here's an opportunity to get away from Starbucks and its giant corporation generated crowds. Check out Campus Grounds instead and you might just never leave.