There is no other place more convenient than Campus Corner to satisfy a grumbling stomach after a long night out. One can come back to their dorm, call CampCo, pay by NovaBucks with Wildcard, and receive their food in less than an hour. It is a very easy process.

However, even though their Zilly Fries and Mac & Cheese bites are definitely highlights of the menu, all too soon can it become a habit to consume these unhealthy options regularly. Recently, I discovered healthier alternatives from CampCo that will leave you feeling just as content as you would eating onion rings or their famous pizza pies.

Greens, greens, greens

mozzarella, arugula
Marisa Cherichella

Campus Corner offers an extensive salad menu that many people may not be aware of. They have garden salads, tuna salads, spinach salads, Caesar salads, Greek salads, Tuscany salads, and my personal favorite, the Caprese salad.

The Caprese salad is made of fresh mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, is brushed with garlic oil, and comes with a side of balsamic vinaigrette. And, eating greens at a late hour is a better option since your body stores more fat at night. All dressings are served on the side so you can regulate how much you would like in your salad.

tomato, vegetable, pepper
Marisa Cherichella

You can get fat free ranch, italian, or balsamic vinaigrette dressing, and some CampCo salads are gluten free and vegetarian. You can go to sleep with no calorie regrets from ordering any of these salads. 

Wrap it Up

If you aren't looking to satisfy your cravings with a salad, try one of CampCo's flavorful wraps. You can even order wheat wraps instead of white. The grilled veggie wrap, grilled chicken veggie wrap, turkey wrap, and Greek wrap are all delectable.

In certain wraps, you can choose to have grilled chicken or chicken fingers, so I recommend getting the grilled chicken.

The tuna wrap and the ham and cheese wrap are very rich. It is also a bonus if you ask CampCo to slightly toast your wrap. The crispiness adds extra pizzazz to your late night snack.

Make Better Late Night Food Decisions

vegetable, salad, lettuce, cabbage
Marisa Cherichella

Next time your friends pick up the phone to call CampCo as you get back to your dorm, you are now prepared to order a more healthy, scrumptious choice that will fill you up and allow you to go to sleep without thinking of what morning workout you are going to have to do to burn off your munchies.