Admit it — your favorite part of summer camp wasn't the lake trips or Color Wars or those ghost stories your counselors used to utter by the campfire light. It was licking the extra marshmellow off your fingers after devouring a gooey s'more, the slight freezer burn of a mess hall ice cream sandwich, and the candy contraband your parents snuck into care packages. Lucky for you, summer camp doesn't have to end, and it's all thanks to the cookie dough masterminds at Cookie DŌ NYC,  your favorite spot for unbaked confections. The iconoclast dessert brand is hosting a summer camp themed pop-up, aptly titled Camp Cookie DŌ, at Chefs Club Counte, and they're dishing out bites of nostalgia all summer long. 

This week I ventured behind the counter for a taste of all things DŌlicious, and what transpired was more epic than a summer at Camp Rock.

What is

In case your summer of soul searching and week long juice clense managed to tear you away from your phone long enough to miss out on the latest cookie dough news, DŌ is the whimsical dessert brand headed by baking all-star and gluten-free savant Kristen Tomlan. Founded after a girls' getaway spent bonding over a bowl of their guiltiest pleasure — unbaked cookie dough — this brand removes a chance run in with Salmonella. That's right; DŌ's products are mixed sans eggs and with heat-treated flour. So go ahead, and lick the spoon...or bowl...or tub.

What is Camp Cookie DŌ?

Camp Cookie DŌ fuses the best parts of summer camp with the best part of being an adult: the ability to have dessert whenever you want. Located on the corner of Spring and Lafeyette, DŌ's brightly colored is littered with enough camp memorbilia to transport you the bunks at Weekela, French Woods, or Bryn Mawr. But, let's be real, you're not here for the vibes. You're here for the goodies. 

Camp Cookie DŌ dishes out a capsule collection of sentimentally delicious treats. With a lineup of five desserts packed with ice cream and cookie dough, this pop-up will is your one-stop shop for all things sweet. 

#SpoonTip: Dying for an immersive confectionary experience that will leave your fingers sticky and heart full? Head to Camp Cookie DŌ while you can because the pop up shutters its doors on Labor Day.

What's on the Menu? 

Camp Cookie DŌ offers five delectable items: two sundaes, a mouthwatering ice cream cone stuffed with surprises, and a duo of addictive ice cream sandwiches. I sampled the whole menu, risking a sugar coma, in hopes of finding a treat that encapsulates all those summertime vibes.

The Dirty Worm:

Beatrice Forman

The Dirty Worm elevates the classic Dirt Cup, a cornerstone of elementary school birthday parties and classroom science lessons. By topping the timeless base of chocolate pudding and crushed chocolate cookies with bite-sized chocolate chip cookie DŌ and a creamy soft serve swirl, this updated take melds grade school nostalgia with intense adult cravings. Perfect for the child inside of all us, order this treat for a dessert packed with layers.

The Campfire Sundae:

Beatrice Forman

I get it: deconstructed s'mores are typically boujee and tend to remove the fun associated with creating a marshmellow-y mess. However, Camp Cookie DŌ's Campfire Sundae isn't pretentious. Beginning with a base of graham cracker and a torched marshmellow, a heaping square of cookie DŌ is then smushed below an expertly swirled scoop of soft serve. Chocolate sauce and graham crackers are then drizzled on top, because why not, to create a dessert that's one part gooey s'more, one part classic ice cream fountain sundae. 

#SpoonTip: If you're reading this, it's not too late. Stop by Camp Cookie DŌ today, Aug. 10, for a free Campfire Sundae in celebration of National S'mores Day.

The Chocolaty Blob: 

Beatrice Forman

Call me eccentric, or weird, or an absolute nutcase, but eating the cone is secretly my favorite part of ordering ice cream. (#CUPSAREFORQUITTERS) That's why the Chocolaty Blob, a riff on a double chocolate scoop, is my favorite of the summertime only lineup. These vibrant sugar cones are stuffed with a layer of rich chocolate fudge, followed by a layer of dense chocolate chip DŌ for the maximum chocolate experience. 

Ice Cream Sandwiches:

Beatrice Forman

For the civilized ice cream enthusiast, who wants to eat a scoop for lunch, I present to you Camp Cookie DŌ's powerhouse duo of ice cream sammies. The Rule Breaker, pictured below, packs chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream between a chocolate cookie for mix of doughy and dense and ultra-creamy. The Happy Camper, pictured above, utilizes the same ice cream with a chocolate cocoa cookie for rich, a slightly savory flavor profile.

Camp Cookie DŌ is an immersive dessert experience made the silliest of adult campers. Get your soft serve fix before summer ends, and stop by Chef Club's Counter before Labor Day.