Caffe Paradiso is a cute, quirky little coffee shop on Lincoln Avenue not too far from the main quad. Instead of using typical chairs, Caffe Paradiso uses a wide variety of different kinds of furniture to give it a homier feel. The baristas always seem happy to do their work, and it shows in their deep, slightly bitter, and wonderfully delicious Caffe lattes. Though the murmuring sound of conversation can be heard in the background, it is a fairly quiet café, making it the ideal place to get some studying done. Paradiso uses Intelligentsia coffee, probably the best roasted coffee in the state of Illinois. It definitely gives the lattes an edge over the typical coffee shops around campus.

Photo by Lindsey Law

Photo by Lindsey Law

Their baked goods are delicious, but make sure to get the sweets that are made in-house. Paradiso’s owner enjoys offering new sweet-treats to her customers, so make sure to ask the baristas what’s new on the menu like the tiramisu or the French macarons. Paradiso also offers freshly made sandwiches, the perfect solution to lunch on the go.

Tiramisu Photo by Lindsey Law

Another added plus? Caffe Paradiso has an in-house juice bar! The coffee shop freshly squeezes different juices for those customers who would rather drink up their fruits and veggies than eat them whole. Juices include a green machine filled with green apples, pears, oranges, lemons and ginger along with a vitamin packed juice made from carrots, oranges and ginger.

Fresh juice made with green apples, pears, oranges, lemons and ginger Photo by Lindsey Law

Address: 801 S. Lincoln Ave, Urbana, IL 
Hours of operation: Monday – Sunday 7 AM – 11 PM