Is it just me or is it that every place I go, there’s a new location here in Boston? Well, maybe not so new, Caffe Nero has been around for 20 years. It was founded in the UK and has its headquarters right in London. But, Caffe Nero has been expanding quickly over in 6 different countries and was recently introduced to the US in 2014. So, I guess it’s still fairly new to us here in New England. Fortunately for us, Boston was the first city to foster Caffe Nero in the US and has over 18 coffee shop locations in Massachusetts.

Thoughts & Expectations

As soon as you enter this coffee shop, you feel this homey, laid-back vibe. Which felt very different from what I have experienced before when visiting other coffee shops. Usually, it’s always quick, in and out to get your my drink/food to-go. But with Caffe Nero, the atmosphere welcomes you to treat yourself nicely, to relax like you’re at home - without feeling rushed. The setting is warm, inviting, and it makes you think you are at your favorite spot at home. The interior design is kind of industrial, with a bit of rustic vibe: there are plenty of booths, tables, love sofas, small lamp tables, next to the armchairs, floor lamps, an electric fireplace, and bookshelves all around the shop.

Sindy Cruz

Since my Caffe Nero discovery, I’ve gone twice already and really like it, even more, each time I visit. This coffee shop offers you a place to study at, do your homework, or read your favorite book; it is the perfect place for college students! Also, perfect, if you live with noisy family members and you just want to get away to enjoy some quiet time by yourself. The baristas are cool and offer good suggestions on what to get if you’re overwhelmed and not sure what to get. Everything about Caffe Nero is pleasing and the food is simply mouthwatering.

When you order drink or food, let your barista know whether you plan to have it there or to go. The barista serves your drink in a white mug with the Caffe Nero logo on it and surely caught my attention. I knew that I could definitely take some cute, Instagram-worthy pics. Also, if you decide to order one of their delicious pastries, it's served on a dessert plate that makes an even more aesthetically pleasing photo for your feed. 

Caffe Nero also serves salads, sandwiches, fruit bowls, all-day-breakfast items (oatmeal, muffins, croissants, granola) along with the sweet and yummy desserts, like cakes, cookies, cannoli, brownies, biscotti, and wafflers. Each menu item is thought of each with health concerns or allergies in mind. So, make sure to ask for which food item is vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, or nut-free for your preference.

Sindy Cruz

As for the drinks, they naturally serve smoothies, coffee, cold brew, various teas, macchiatos, cappuccinos, lattes (hot and cold), expresso, hot chocolate, and other blended drinks. Caffe Nero caters to each individual's taste, whether you prefer almond milk, whole or 2% milk, light cream, honey, along with the different types of sugars. When your order your drink to be enjoyed in-house, the barista will make it look presentable for you. But, if you order it to go, it's prepared in a blue recyclable cup with their logo on it. So, if you want to show off your drink, I'd recommend drinking it there, you can also buy ground coffee to make attempt to make your own art at home!

What I Ordered

Sindy Cruz

The first I went, I ordered a cappuccino with almond milk, topped with cinnamon and it was delicious. I went out with a few friends that time and we ordered a couple cups of coffee, a hot chocolate with whipped cream, a slice of old-fashioned chocolate fudge cake, and a chocolate chip scone. But, wait.....let me tell you about the old-fashioned chocolate fudge cake. It was amazing! Every corner and in between chocolate goodness but not overpowering like other chocolate cakes I've tried.

Sindy Cruz

This cake gave me 'Bruce from Matilda' vibes, when he was forced to eat a whole cake in the auditorium, in front of the whole school. AMIRIGHT?! But don't let the cake fool you, it has the perfect amount of chocolate, I definitely recommend you to order this. 

Sindy Cruz

Final Verdict

So, what are my final thoughts on Caffe Nero? Well, I'm definitely going back when I have the time or want to work on some homework because of the relaxing, homey vibe and comfy chairs to sit on. As well, ordering a different drink and getting that chocolate cake. With that said, if that cake that I mentioned, and warming environment didn't get you, then I don't know what will. As a Starbucks enthusiast, I've got to say, move to the side, Starbucks because Caffe Nero is here to stay (for good).