I've recently started café hopping, and exploring different cafés in Vancouver—especially those with wifi because sometimes the library is too crowded, or my room is too distracting to get my work done. There's something about the buzzing atmosphere of non-chain cafés that give me a boost of energy and motivation. If you feel like you need a change of pace, check out the following cafes I've discovered. The vibes at these cafés brew out of the machines and into your coffee cup.

1. Revolver

028 - empty revolver 01December2015 Vancouver X100t oocjpeg

roland on Flickr

This is a great spot to de-stress after a long day of school and work. My friend told me that she can spend hours here catching up on her reading, homework, and poetry writing. Who wouldn't want to be in such a creative and artsy space? 

The best spot is right by the window because you can people watch the bumbling city while sipping on a frothy cappuccino. It also offers comfy booths for a no distraction zone. 

2. Aperture 

tea, coffee, beer
Athena Huynh

I once worked on a project all day at this café, but I was mostly surprised by how roomy and cozy it is. It's ideal for small groups to work on projects at the longer tables, and it's perfect for a hot cup of tea. It also offers a bookcase with tons of books to scan through.

3. 49th Parallel Roasters Cafe (Main St)

doughnut, chocolate
Athena Huynh

The Main Street location has over 40 seats with different table sizes, gorgeous views out the window, and a warm area for sitting by the fireplace. The coffee is amazing, but the Lucky Donuts (especially the PB&J donuts) sold at the counter are the perfect study snack. 

4. Kafka's

Place to relax

CanadaPenguin on Flickr

Don't let this friendly neighborhood café fool you. It's always buzzing in here, yet never distracts from your work. It's the perfect spot for a first date, or a hangout with your besties. The cafés tagline is "serious about coffee and not much else", which is quite telling. Its latte art is out of this world, and very much Instagramworthy. So what are you waiting for? Get your Katfka on.

5. Timbertrain Coffee Roasters

Timbertrain's cool coffee kit

Bex.Walton on Flickr

If the name of the café isn't intriguing enough, Timbertrain's coffee brewing will totally convince you to check this place out ASAP. Timbertrain is committed to mastering the art of coffee brewing and roasting coffee beans. What makes this place different is its slow bar, where the company emphasize the value of taste and flavor in every serving of coffee and tea.

Although seating may be a tighter squeeze since the café is quite narrow, try to go early to grab a spot. It's definitely one of the best cafeés in town to get your work done. Perhaps the perfectionists at Timbertrain will motivate you to finish that ten-page research paper after all?

One of the best parts to café hopping is learning that there are so many places within a city that can be explored. There's almost a type of café culture that is present and so worthwhile. I'll never give up my pumpkin spiced lattes, but sometimes it's satisfying to spend 4 hours at a new location and actually get my work done.